Dear Resident

by Patricia Johnson-Gordon 

I don’t know about you, but I feel as if I’m looking down the barrel of a loaded summer. In addition to the usual challenges that we face as public housing residents, it is apparent this summer, more than ever before, that we face a new challenge: the redevelopment of public housing.

This redevelopment process started over eight years ago under then-CHA Chairman Vincent Lane, with a federal program titled Hope VI, suggesting the arrival of hope for the hopeless residents of public housing. Today, the process has simply become the redevelopment of public housing and is moving at a much faster pace, offering little hope for too few residents.
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Sinai Health Services

by Lorenzia Shelby 

Approximately a year and a half ago, the Sinai Health System started a new program called Sinai Senior services. They are offering their services free of charge to seniors living in the Chicago Housing Authority buildings and low-income dwellers in Chicago and surrounding communities, near or far, north, south, east, and west.

Men and women 55 years of age and older are welcome to participate in the Sinai Community Institute Program called Premier Years. You will have access to all the medical benefits and social activities they have.

The people living in CHA buildings and low- income neighborhoods are their first priorities. The healthy, sick and the reclusive. They want the seniors that are afraid to leave their apartments and the ones that fear standing on the corners waiting at the bus stops. Read more »

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Stop The Violence

by Cenabeth Cross 

The month started with me covering the case of Jonathan Tolliver. The jurors had come to a deadlock on the first trial and I covered the retrial.

Tolliver was on trial for the death of Police Officer Michael Ceriale. Ceriale and his partner, Joseph Ferenzi, were staking out a Robert Taylor Homes building on an undercover drug sting Aug. 15, 1998 when Ceriale was shot and killed.

First there was a new set of jurors to be picked. This took two days. Two jurors asked to be excused, one because he said he had a history of mental problems. Read more »

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Saluting Men of the CHA

by Bobby Watkins 

We always hear the bad more than the good about men in the Chicago Housing Authority. So I have been saluting the good men, as we say, and telling them to keep on with the positive work in the developments.

‘It may seem like no one cares about what you do,’ I tell the men. ‘But to know you’ve tried to help make a change will never be forgotten, even though it seems the more you try and do good, someone always tries to find the bad. Try and think positively and keep on working for change. I know it can be done and your effort does make a difference.’ Read more »

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Child of The Pack Saddle: Part V

by John Sampson 

The policeman had come to Miss La Nora’s farm for me. That was something that I learned when the policeman called out loudly, “Hey you, n—r, get over here.”

“His name is Popcorn and you call him Popcorn as long as you’re on my property,” said Miss La Nora angrily.

“As you say, Granny, as you say,” the officer said apologetically. “It won’t happen again. But I got to take this little n…boy down town because Mister Fuquay says that he been getting fresh with his daughter, Mona, and he don’t want him in this neighborhood any longer. This is a neighborhood where white folks live and Blacks are not allowed to live among white folks. Read more »

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The State Of Section 8

by Michael Ibrahem 

Advocates for public and subsidized housing tenants provided residents and activists with new information about HUD and CHA at a conference April 28 in downtown Chicago. The conference was held in the beautiful surroundings of the Holiday Inn located on the corner of Columbus and Ohio streets. This conference in many ways resembled the one held March 16 by the Chicago Rehab Network at the Palmer House Hotel. This conference was far more interactive that the March 16 event; participants attended various workshops.

The workshops were geared towards the distribution of new information. Due to the workshops’ small size, the atmosphere was that of an intense training ground for activists. It was an atmosphere in which everyone appeared excited and eager to get involved. Everyone – whites and Blacks, rich and poor, scholarly and unlearned harmonized. Read more »

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