We The People Media in the News

by Ethan Michaeli, Publisher 

I was honored recently to guest host “Chicago Newsroom,” the weekly public affairs show hosted by media legend Ken Davis and broadcast over the CAN TV network. My guests were the estimable Chris Robling, vice president at Jayne Thompson Associates and a frequent Republican commentator, and Dave Lundy, principal at  Aileron Communications and a frequent Democratic commentator. We discussed Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s tenure so far as well as state politics and the upcoming governor’s race. You can watch the show by clicking on the photo above.

By coincidence, the same day, I was also a guest on “Morning Shift” over WBEZ Chicago Public Radio discussing the arrest of two community leaders on charges of lobbying for Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. You can listen to the show here:



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The Sound of Silence

by Mary C. Piemonte 

What is going on? What happened to the people who believe in social justice? The poor of the nation want to know what the leading Democratic presidential candidates intend to do about the issues that concern them the most. But those same candidates’ campaign staffs were tongue tied when they were given the opportunity to reach out to Chicago’s low-income communities.

As of press time, the two Democratic front-runners, U.S. Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) and U.S. Sen. John Edwards (D-NC), continue to talk about their thoughts on the War with Iraq and what they intend to do about national security, health care, tax breaks and jobs for the middle-class, as well as environmental issues, during their national campaigns and debates.
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Vote ’96: Conventional Colors

by Sharone Brown 

There were no mistakes this time as the City of Chicago put on its happy face to host the Democratic National Convention. It was the first convention held in Chicago since the embarrassing 1968 convention, which is still etched in the minds of many Chicagoans. While Mayor Richard J. Daley watched in shame, the riots destroyed future hopes of hosting another convention – until this year.

This time, the city was all aglow to greet the Democratic Party. Many roads were newly paved, abandoned buildings in neighborhoods on the West, South and East sides were restored and the tuckpointing crews worked overtime to ensure a display of a great city. Read more »

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