Voice of the Voiceless

by Tatiyana Sanders 

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by a youth reporter who is a graduate of the Urban Youth International Journalism Program.

Longtime community activist, organizer and veteran journalist Beauty Turner passed away on December 18, 2008. Referred to by many as voice of Chicago Housing Authority residents, she was known as a writer and fighter.

Turner died of complications due to a stroke. It was tragic that Beauty Turner had to leave this world at the early age of 51, but she will be remembered by her outstanding voice and that she fought for what’s right.
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Hope Has a Way

by Mary C. Piemonte 

“Hope has a way of breaking through walls” is a verse from a Christian song that I listen to and so I thought it would be the appropriate title for this story. This story is about “Hope.” In the world today, you rarely hear about the successes of the “project people.” I hope that this story will encourage the readers and let them see and know that it is possible to get out of the “projects.” Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of good, well-educated and talented people who live and have lived in the projects. I spoke to a few former CHA residents to help encourage those that remain: Read more »

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A Teen’s Shattered Dreams

by Kevin Clark 

I’ve always wanted to become a professional football player and dreamt of one day seeing myself in a room filled with trophies. But what I failed to realize was all these dreams would soon be ripped and torn apart.

I joined a group of friends who decided to join the neighborhood’s football team. Some of the other boys had been playing for a while. When I joined the team, the coach took one look at me and decided my position would be center and tight end. On the day of our first game, my mother asked me not to play, as if she knew something was going to happen. While watching her expression change, I asked her not to worry because nothing could hurt me. I’m strong and able to play a good game. Read more »

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