Press Clips about Residents’ Journal
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The Afternoon Shift with Rick Kogan
Click Above to listen to We The People Media Executive Director We The People Media on WBEZ’s “The Afternoon Shift” with Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Kogan. Ethan goes on with Republican consultant Chris Roebling and WBEZ political reporter Alex Keefe to discuss the state of the electorate – undecided voters, uninformed voters and turn-out during a presidential campaign.
9 27 2012


Chicago Newsroom
We The People Media Executive Director discusses the state of Chicago public housing with WBEZ FM South Side Bureau Chief Natalie Moore on Ken Davis’ “Chicago Newsroom broadcast over the CAN TV network.
9 27 2012 CAN TV


The Afternoon Shift
Click the link above to listen to We The People Media’s Executive Director Ethan Michaeli on WBEZ Chicago Public Radio’s new hit show “The Afternoon Shift” with Steve Edwards talking about the Chicago Housing Authority’s efforts to revise its Plan for Transformation. Ethan and Steve examine the pitfalls as well as the opportunities of creating a new paradigm for public housing for Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City of Chicago. Ethan speaks during the second hour of the program.


“Chicago Housing Authority residents await permanent leadership”
Listen to We The People Media Executive Director/Publisher speak about Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s vision – or lack thereof – for the always-turbulent Chicago Housing Authority, on WBEZ Chicago Public Radio’s “848” morning program.


“Chicago Newsroom”
We The People Media Publisher Ethan Michaeli appears on “Chicago Newsroom,’ hosted by veteran broadcaster Ken Davis, along with fellow guests Art Golab, Database Editor with the Chicago Sun-Times, and Charlie Meyerson, a regular voice on Chicago radio. We discussed the progress of new Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the ouster of Chicago Housing Authority CEO Lewis Jordan, the future of the Taste of Chicago and other issues.
7/8/2011 CAN TV


“Month in Review: Chicago Elects a New Mayor”
Listen to We The People Media Executive Director/Publisher speak about Chicago’s recent citywide elections, the city government’s response to the ‘Snowmaggedon’ storm and other issues on WBEZ Chicago Public Radio’s “848” morning program.

Notorious Cabrini Green Public Housing Complex Comes Down In Chicago
RJ Editor-in-Chief Mary C. Johns’ on WBUR’s National Public Radio’s ’Here and Now” program in Boston, about the past and future of public housing.

Last Cabrini-Green Residents Told to Move Out
This article by Associated Press Staff Writer Karen Hawkins about the plight of the remaining tenants at the last building at the Cabrini-Green public housing site features RJ Editor-in-Chief Mary C. Johns’ analysis on crime during residents’ relocation from public housing under the CHA Plan for Transformation.

Best Game in Town #14: Rahm’s residency, Burris’ bid, and big issues in the race for Mayor
Listen to Publisher Ethan Michaeli talk about Rahm Emanuel and the campaign to become Chicago’s new mayor on WBEZ Public Radio’s weekly political roundtable, “The Best Game in Town.”

Practicing Journalism, Preserving History
Ethan Michaeli, Publisher of Residents’ Journal and Executive Director of We The People Media, authored an article about the Urban Youth International Journalism Program in the Youth Media Reporter, an important publication serving those who instruct and direct journalism initiatives for young adults. The McCormick Foundation, the major sponsors of the UYIJP, assembled the coalition of local youth media groups that invited Ingrid Dahl from the Youth Media Reporter to Chicago.
June 12, 2009 Youth Media Reporter

Jarrett for Cabinet Role?
Ethan Michaeli, Publisher of Residents’ Journal and Executive Director of We The People Media, was featured on in reporter Chris Frates’ article about President Barack Obama’s top advisor, former Chicago housing official Valerie Jarrett.

USA Road Show
Mary C. Johns, We The People Media’s deputy executive director and Residents’ Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, was interviewed by Tanja Huutonen, a television reporter from MTV3 in Finland. The interview, which included Mary, her mother, Aysha M. Youngblood-Moses, and her youngest son, Armando, was part of the ’USA Road Show’ program, in which Tanya interviewed Americans from Florida, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Red Cloud, Chicago and New York about their opinions of the McCain vs. Obama presidential campaign.
10/08/08 MTV3

Mixed income community to be built at former Taylor Homes site.
Ethan Michaeli, Publisher of Residents’ Journal, was featured as part of WLS TV reporter Leah Hope’s story about the mixed income developments planned for the Robert Taylor Homes site.
5/21/08 WLS TV

Speaking Truth: A Town Hall Meeting On Violence
Ethan Michaeli and Mary C. Johns, Residents’ Journal’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, respectively, were both featured as part of a town hall meeting on violence, hosted by CBS 2 and WBBM Newsradio 780.
5/12/08 CBS 2

CHA Public Comment Period Ends
Mary C. Johns, Deputy Executive Director of We The People Media and Editor-in-Chief of Residents’ Journal, talking about the Chicago Housing Authority’s new work rules for public housing residents on the ‘848’ morning program o Chicago Public Radio.
04/16/08 WBEZ radio

In Chicago, pastor’s incendiary words carry a familiar ring
This article by LA Times Staff Writer P.J. Huffstutter about controversial pastor Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. features RJ Editor-in-Chief Mary C. Johns’ analysis of how Chicago politics plays on the national stage.
03/20/08 Los Angeles Times

Who speaks for public housing residents?
Mary C. Johns, We The People Media’s Deputy Executive Director and Residents’ Journal’s Editor-in-Chief speaks about tenant councils’ fight to represent and serve public housing residents on Chicago Public Radio’s experimental station.

’Ghetto’ Tour is Journey into City’s Heart
Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich features Residents’ Journal’s Beauty Turner in this article about Residents’ Journal’s work educating members of the general public through our bus tours.
08/12/07 Chicago Tribune

Critics Hit Chicago Public Housing Efforts
National Public Radio Correspondent Cheryl Corley talks about Residents’ Journal’s staff’s role in questioning aspects of the Chicago Housing Authority’s Plan for Transformation.
7/27/07 National Public Radio

Rolling Through Chicago Projects’ Past
Residents’ Journal Assistant Editor Beauty Turner is featured in this piece about We The People Media’s bus tours.
7/1/07 Los Angeles Times

The State of Black Media
Residents’ Journal was one of the topics discussed by four of the nation’s most prominent African American journalists on the award-winning ’848’ morning show on Chicago Public Radio.
2/19/07 WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

Month In Review
Residents’ Journal Publisher Ethan Michaeli on Chicago Public Radio’s “848” morning show with host Steve Edwards Show for a wide-ranging conversation about cuts to Cook County’s services to the poor, the presidential aspirations of Ill. Senator Barack Obama and the troubles facing the Chicago Police Department.
2/23/07 WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

Local Media Left Behind
This article by We The People Media Executive Director Ethan Michaeli is included in the Nation’s 10th annual National Entertainment State issue. In this article, Ethan urges policy makers and advocates alike to ensure that calls for more democracy in the media include means to help local news organizations stay afloat.
6/15/06 The Nation

In Chicago, Demise Of Housing Projects Is Hard on a Paper
An article that appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal written by Jonathan Eig on Residents’ Journal’s staff and how the paper is adapting to its relocating readership as a result of the Plan for Transformation. Make sure to heck out the cartoon drawings of RJ’s staff!
01/26/06 Wall Street Journal

Chicago Hustles
This radio documentary on the lives of low-income people features Residents’ Journal columnist Cenabeth Cross as a source. Cenabeth also helped produce the documentary.
4/28/05 Chicago Public Radio

CHA Campaign Contributions Scandal
This radio story on Chicago Public Radio’s “848’ morning show describes the results of ’A Questionable Connection,” Residents’ Journal’s investigation of donations made by Chicago Housing Authority contractors to a political fund linked to CHA Chief Executive Officer Terry Peterson. “A Questionable Connection’ found that 63 separate companies donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the 17th Ward Democratic Organization, despite the fact that the 17th Ward has no major public housing developments.
You can read “A Questionable Connection’ here.

Town hall meeting attacks CHA’s ‘deadly moves’
This article by reporter James G. Muhammad in the Chicago Defender describes a town hall meeting held by Residents’ Journal and the Chicago Reporter to unveil the results of “Deadly Moves,” our joint investigation of the effects of the relocation of public housing families on the city’s homicide rate.
9/9/04 Chicago Defender

Life can be more dangerous outside the projects
This piece by Chicago Sun-Times’ columnist Mark Brown reviews the results of ’Deadly Moves,’ Residents’ Journal’s and the Chicago Reporter’s joint investigation of the effects of the relocation of public housing families on the city’s homicide rate.
9/9/04 Chicago Sun-Times

Light bills a heavy load for CHA residents
This column from the Chicago Sun-Times’ Mark Brown reviews the results of ’CHA’s Shocking Electric Bills,’ Residents’ Journal Assistant Editor Beauty Turner’s investigation of complaints from public housing tenants in closing buildings that they were suddenly saddled with utility bills of thousands of dollars.
7/18/04 Chicago Sun-Times

In-House Reporting
In this story on the National Public Radio program “On The Media,” correspondent Ron Feemster depicts a few days in the life of the staff of Residents’ Journal. Featuring comments from Publisher Ethan Michaeli, Editor-in-Chief Mary C. Johns and Assistant Editor Beauty Turner as well as comments from acclaimed author Alex Kotlowitz.
03/07/03 National Public Radio

Residents’ Journal: Voices need amplification
This op-ed column from the Chicago Tribune’s Salim Muwakkil praises Residents’ Journal’s staff and their efforts to keep the issues of low-income families on the agendas of city officials and their national counterparts.
5/15/00 Chicago Tribune

“The View From the Projects”
This article from the Chicago Reader profiles founding Editor Ethan Michaeli and describes the origins of Residents’ Journal.
3/5/98 Chicago Reader