Kari Lydersen is a staff writer for the Washington Post out of the midwest bureau and freelances for various publications including The Chicago Reader and In These Times. She is also a journalism instructor at Columbia College and author of Out of the Sea and Into the Fire: Latin American-US Immigration in the Global Age (Common Courage Press, 2005)

Nic Halverson is a freelance writer and adult educator in Chicago. Besides contributing to local publications, such as the Chicago Journal, AREA, and In These Times, he has worked closely with Chicago’s immigrant and refugee community teaching English and advocating on their behalf. A native Hoosier, he studied English Literature at Indiana University before moving to Chicago in 2003.

Claire Bushey is a freelance journalist based in Chicago, although her parents still hope she might go to law school. She’s written for Crain’s Chicago Business, the Chicago Reader and Slate. She thinks her students at South Shore High School are awesome and brags about them to her friends.