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Hey! New and old things have been happening at Altgeld Gardens-Murray Homes. They had an old time picnic at Carver Park. There was eating and drinking in the park, entertainment, seeing new and old friends and we spent the evening camping out.

Altgeld Gardens Parade

The Altgeld Gardens parade was great. When it first started, everyone got their chairs and found them a place to sit and got ready to watch the parade. They got the cheerleaders ready to do the cheers. When it started, the cheerleaders did some of their cheers, then some of them were dancing and flipping. People were just watching and talking about their children with pride. After the parade, everyone went to the park to eat, drink and let the kids play. They gave out prizes to the people and there were also rides for the children. The parade was fun and nice to watch. I can’t wait to see the parade next year.

CHA’S Maintenance Workers

The CHA Department of Building Maintenance has some wonderful women working for them. Two of these special people are Elease Tolar and Jautany Dean. Their duties include making sure that the CHA residents care and maintain their apartments. I feel that both women are doing a fabulous job. Good luck and keep up the good work.

Personal Information

My name is Sharon Forinzy, better known as “The Road Runner.” I am your roving reporter for RJ.

This is a special notice to let you know that eventually, I will get around to including everyone in our paper. It’s just that there are so many positive things going on in Altgeld-Murray Gardens that it’s impossible for me to include it all in one or two editions. But hold on, I’ll get to you soon.

Please feel free to contact me at the following numbers:

Pager number (312) 910-5114, or at the LAC office (773) 647-3513

Toxic Gas Leak

On Aug. 4, we experienced a toxic gas leak. It caused a great deal of discomfort to many. Some suffered headaches, eye irritations, nausea and rashes. If you experience any of these conditions, you should see a doctor immediately.

Youthnet Fun Day

On Saturday, Sept. 6, the Greater Roseland Youthnet sponsored a “Youthnet Fun Day,” which was hosted by the Greater Roseland YMCA located at 4 E. 111th St. Over 200 youth participated in activities including arts and crafts, swimming instruction, basketball, flag football and exercise activities which were conducted by staff members from the YMCA. Additional staff members from Metropolitian Family Services were all on hand to provide assistance. There were many volunteers present that included parents and 15 volunteers from R. R. Donnelly & Sons, making the day’s activities successful and full of fun. Special Thanks to James Sanders, YMCA’s Senior Vice President for the Youthnet Administration Office. Here is thank you note from some of the participants:

“Dear Mr. Sanders,

We want to thank you for the wonderful time at the YMCA, for summer camp. We enjoyed Mrs. Forinzy and Mrs. Stokes, and the trips that we attended. We hope to come back next year.


From table #5”

Youth Service Coordinators

On Sept. 13, Betty Stokes and I took Altgeld Gardens on a field trip. The field trip was at the Field Museum. We had a nice time and did a lot of things with the kids. The kids were so happy. They saw Mayor Richard M. Daley and shook his hand and were on the 4:30 p.m. news. They were so excited. These are some of the things they did: They listened to story teller Antonio Sacre tell Latin American Folk tales and the “Often Hilarious Family Stories of Grandmother Mimi, Aunt Nina and Magicial Uncle Tito.” They heard Shanta’s “Travel Around the World through the Magic of Songs and Story Telling,” Florence Dunham’s talk, “Learn About Native American Culture Through the Words and Song of Traditional and Contemporary American Indian Stories.” Also, the kids got T-shirts. We would really like to thank Mr. Sanders from the 111th Street YMCA for letting our kids play a big part of the activities.

Aldridge School News

We the parents of Aldridge Elementary School would like to send out a special “Thank You” to Ms. Jackson and Ms. Khan for caring enough to stand up for us. We really appreciate it and will not let you down.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Aldridge would like congratulate all the students, teachers and staff. Strive to be number one and keep up the good work. The Aldridge PTA is looking for responsible parents to join the organization. The PTA not only helps the school setting but also the community. Some of our activities include: a bake sale, assembling Christmas baskets, sock hops and an Easter Egg hunt. The PTA needs you!!!. Please come and join us.

During July, the Girl Scouts meetings were held at the Aldridge School on Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m. Lizette, who was the coordinatior, and Ms. Williams, the clerk, assisted her.

We made different types of arts and crafts and the children were very excited. At the close of the program, they received certificates. We are looking forward to a successful fall year.

A Great Summer Program

We had a beautiful summer program under the great supervision of myself and Betty Stokes at the 111th St. YMCA for the Aldgeld-Murray kids. The kids really enjoyed themselves. We would like to thank Mr. Sanders for letting us participate in the summer program also we would like to thank Altgeld-Murray Local Advisory Council President Esther Wheeler for letting us participate in this summer program.

An Apology

I apologize to Barbara Chandler, the executive director of Altgeld-Gardens, for the mistake I made on her title in the July issue.

AMAP makes awards, seeks recruits

On Oct. 3, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., an awards presentation was made in conjunction with the Altgeld Murray Alternative Program (AMAP) steppers set presentation for a 16-inch softball tournament.

The AMAP resident initiative coordinator was coordinated a successful 16-inch softball tournament which has become a family-oriented event which has offered most of our seniors and residents a safe atmosphere to be spectators of positive events. This tournament start has an ideal for the local residents but has exploded to involve many from outside as well.

AMAP, in conjunction with the CHA Sports and Recreation department, has implemented Youth Flag Football enrollment as of Sept. 25. All 11-15 year-olds are eligible.

The recruitment for Altgeld-Murray alternative youth choir is open. The A.M.A.P. youth choir will start recruiting for its choir, both boys & girls ages 7-18. For more information, contact: Finolly Hoger at (773) 568-2716.

A.M.A.P. is seeking young women for a basketball tournament under Altgeld-Murray alternative program resident initiative coordinator Timothy Hooper.

These were the 1st and 2nd place winners of Altgeld basketball: 1st place: Elamingo, 2nd place: the South Side Wrecking Crew.

A Personal Acknowledgment

Our deepest sympathies and prayers go to the families of Sonja R. Major and Tina McGill from me and the community of Altgeld.

Steppers Night

We also have steppers night given by the LAC at the community building. Come out and have fun with us. You can find more information by calling the LAC at: (312) 674-3513.

Thank you,

Sharon Fornizy

Upcoming Events

Sharon J. Roberts from the Chicago Housing Authority’s Resident Organization Department, will host following upcoming events at Altgeld:

Oct-Halloween Initiation

Nov.-Thanksgiving Food Basket

Dec.-Christmas Food Baskets & Toy Give-away.

A Great Basketball Week

Once again another great week of basketball. Terry Cummings, forever the Carver basketball star, who now plays for the Seattle Sonics, held his tenth-year basketball camp during the week of Aug. 18-22.

Many children participated. Boys as well as girls ages 8-18 played a role. Mr. Thomas, forever the Carver teacher, Johnnie Evans, coach of the Carver middle team, and Tanya Williams, clerk, ran the camp very well. There was a banquet held as well at the Beverly Woods Restaurant on the last day of the camp. CHA Economic Development Director Ron Carter, a former player of the LA Lakers, also attended. Shirts and hats were distributed to every participant along with the Carver High principal and staff who opened their doors and welcomed us by letting us use their gym. We are looking forward to seeing all those next year who would like to become apart.

Vic Inc.

Tanya Williams Secretary

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