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A note from me: I hope everyone in all of CHA had Happy Holidays and also if I haven’t gotten to you; I’ll be around soon.

New Clinic

I would like to tell you about the new Clinic in Altgeld. We had a lovely small program. Gov. Jim Edgar cut the ribbon on Wednesday, Oct. 22, and this is how the program went:

“The Altgeld Health Center is located at 1029 E. 130th St. in the Altgeld Gardens/Murray Homes public housing development on Chicago’s far South Side. The mission of the Altgeld Health Clinic builds on the legacy of the Clinic in Altgeld, Inc., founded in 1970. The new clinic will also offer high quality, comprehensive, community-based health care services to the more than 10,000 residents of Altgeld Gardens and the surrounding underserved communities. AHC is the state-of-the art, 22,400 square foot primary health care facility which provides pediatric, adult and specialty medical services, laboratory services, dental services, WIC/nutritional counseling, welfare-to-work training, substance abuse counseling and referrals. The facility will also make available diagnostic facilities (X-ray, mammography) and outpatient surgical procedures by year’s end.”

A number of people spoke at the Altgeld Health Center Ribbon cutting ceremony: Constance G. Jackson, president and chief executive officer of the Altgeld Health Center, Gloria Jackson Bacon, M.D., M.P.H., founder of the Clinic in Altgeld, Inc., the vice President of Ulysses Food, a representative of Waste Management, Inc., Phillip B. Rooney, capital campaign chair of the Altgeld Health Center and the vice chairman of Service Master, Gov. Edgar and John Lassiter, chair of the Board of Directors at the Altgeld Health Center.

The lovely workers of the Altgeld Health Center work hard and you should see some of the lovely work they do there. I would like to add that the clinic is really lovely.

We had the Aldridge School Primary Chorus sing two numbers at the opening of the new clinic.

Well Wishes for Tina Tiggs

Get well soon Tina. We love you. We the parents on the parent patrol are waiting patiently on you to hurry back to your Aldridge family where you belong!

Go Tina! Go Tina! Come back to school. From: The Aldridge upper grade

I Love You Tina Tiggs. From: Mrs. Jackson


Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to all of the families in our communities who have lost members of their families, especially the Brownlowe and Wilson families. I and the rest of the community will keep them in our prayers.

GED Classes

To register for your GED, contact Sharon Davis at the Carver Middle School, 801E. 133rd Place, Chicago, IL 60627. The telephone number is (773) 535-5655

Thanksgiving Thanks

Martha Kindred wanted me to send out the following message:

I’d like to thank first of all Ernie Dunham of Dunham Hair Products for the donation of 250 turkeys to Altgeld during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Second, I want to thank all of you who assisted with their distribution. The beautiful ladies who helped out are: Mrs. Lyles, Ms. Knox, Ms. Waddy, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Jennings, Mrs. McClay, Mrs. Deborah Jackson and the physical education instructor, Mrs. Brown, for allowing us to use the gym.

I’d also like to thank the maintenance crew, Michael and Russell, for bringing the turkey in and the many teachers who allowed us to use their tables. I suppose I could go on but it all turns out to say thanks so much.


The CHA CADRE branch in Altgeld (Combating Alcohol and Drugs through Rehabilitation and Education) wanted me to release the following information:

Prescription: Drugs that can be given only with a doctor’s permission are prescription drugs. The doctor writes a prescription that tell what drugs the patient is allowed to use, how much of the drug the patient should take and how often the patient should take it. Penicillin is an example of a prescription drug.

Over the counter: Drugs that can be purchased at a drug store or grocery store without a doctor’s prescription are called over the counter. Headache medicines, cold pills, and cough drops are often over-the-counter drugs. Children should never take over-the-counter drugs unless they have been given to them by a parent or other trusted adult.

Schools News

I am coming around to all the schools so be ready because here I come: Carver Wheatly, Carver Primary, Carver Middle, Carver High, Our Lady of the Gardens.

Thanks to the Aldridge Elementary School staff, students’ family members and contributions from Rosebud Farm and other stores, we were able to give out 20 Christmas baskets to 20 families.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Now some news from the Parent Teachers Association:

Room 227 from Aldridge School wrote and illustrated stories for the Aldridge pre-school children. Every older child is now a big brother or big sister to the pre-school children.

Other activities will be done through the remainder of the school year. Now for some poetry selections by 7th and 8th grade students at Aldridge Elementary School:

Mama why do you weep?

Baby, I weep because there’s not a thing to eat.

Mama why do you cry?

I cry because I’m losing my mind.

Mama what do you need?

I need for someone to get me on my feet.

Mama what do you pray?

I pray for God to help of one day.

– by Dasia

Real Man?

A real man, is a

peace builder

He is not a fightbuilder,

A real man takes care of his wife

A real does not shoot dice

A real man has a job

A real man doesn’t sell drugs and rob.

-by Ydell Ishmon

Night into Day

Spring into fall

Harsh winds blowing in the night.

The glance of an eye.

The ashes of a burning tree.

The sound of shattering glass.

The color of a flower in the making.

Material things of this world will not last.

Don’t neglect to remember waves to the big blue.

Round orange above the sky disappearing through day and night with high yellow sky breeze flowing through the ocean.

Relating of species the drop of a leaf nothing in the clear rebuild your burial ground the color of the sky, fall, winter, autumn neglect of mother nature day after day thinking who should you trust the bound of the collapsing against the glance of an eye.

-by Cornelius

I Love Eddie

Eddie, Eddie you’re the one for me to open up your heart and let me be.

When I close my eye you’re all I see.

I love you Eddie with all my heart.

When I see you I see a bright star.

When you’re not with me there’s nothing going right.

You’re the sun of my morning the moon of my night when I first laid my eye on you I fell in love.

Now let’s be together like hand and glove.

Roses are red. Violets are blue

I want you to know my love is true

let’s be together each and every day

and our love will grow in a very special way.

-by Tamela Bills

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