Both Sides of Police Brutality

by  , Youth Reporter

Police brutality in our neighborhood is rising day by day. Everyday you look on the news and in the community you see that people are being beaten and even killed by police.

The police are the people who are supposed to be protecting us.
I interviewed my uncle who’s been on the force for eight years and a county deputy for three years. He said that there have been a lot of people he worked with who were there to do good but there have been those who didn’t help people but hurt them.

He told me there are police officers doing the same thing as people on the street. “But,” he said, “besides that, it’s still a lot of good officers that’s here to stop bad officers from doing crimes and at the same time stopping the crimes on the street.”

Sometimes, he said, he feels bad because some people look at him like he’s a bad officer because of what other officers do.
I also interviewed one of my fellow senior classmates who is on the other side of police brutality as a young Black man. He was beaten up by the police last year for no reason he could find. He was walking up the street by himself one day after school when two police officers in a detective car rode up on him and got out and began to search him.

He asked the police why were they searching him and they said he fits the description of someone they were looking for. Then they put him in handcuffs, threw him in the back of the police car, took him in an alley and began to punch him in his face and in his body. He said it felt like he was going to die.

A little while after that, his mother got a lawyer and tried to sue the officers. They went to court, the police officers didn’t even show up and the case was thrown out. He said his mother is still trying to sue the officers and get justice.
If this continues to go on in our community, then it will go too far and people will start doing everything and thinking it is okay to get away with it.

I think this is a serious matter and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible so we can feel protected again in our neighborhoods.

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