Clinton: “It’s all about the Money”


Former President William J. Clinton bedazzled a crowd of supporters for the Democratic Party at the “Vote Illinois Rally” held at the Palmer Hilton Grand Ballroom in downtown Chicago on Oct. 26.

Speaking like a person running for political office, Clinton bashed the Republican contenders across the country in his lengthy speech. And he urged the people in attendance at the rally to vote and tell others to vote all across the Democratic ticket in Illinois on Nov. 2.

Former President William J. Clinton talking about why people should vote for Democratic candidate on Election Day, as candidate for US Senator Alex Giannoulus (left) and US congressional candidate Dan Seals, looks on during the "Illinois Vote Rally" at the Palmer House Grand Ballroom in downtown Chicago, on October 26, 2010. Photo by Mary C. Johns

Clinton is fighting to keep the Republicans from obtaining the majority in the US House and Senate. He said the Republicans’ true intentions are to get elected or re-elected for political and financial gains and not really to care about the welfare of the poor and middle-class Americans.

“This is not about balancing the budget. It’s about who gets the money,” Clinton proclaimed.

“It’s all about the money, because of the people paying for those anonymous ads, who want their $60 billion dollars back. … Follow the money,” he added.

Clinton’s Take on State Congressional and State Democratic Candidates

Clinton said he was supporting the Democratic candidates in Illinois against the Republican candidates, then ran down a laundry list of candidates and their qualifications.

He said people should vote for US Congressman Bill Foster (14th district), a physicist, who had a big hand in that Wall Street reform legislation who has worked hard to take care of small businesses, and who believes in investment in education, science and technology.

Clinton said Dan Seals, a former high school teacher, who among other things served as an aide to the Assistant Secretary of Commerce and served as an economics fellow in the Senate is a better choice than his Republican counterpart, Robert Dold of Kenilworth, to fill Rep. Mark Kirk’s vacant congressional seat because he “has real world experience, and he wants a moderate economy.”

Clinton added that Seals will be a “big improvement” over Kirk.

Clinton said 11th District incumbent Rep. Debbie Halvorson (D-IL) should stay in office because, among other things, she voted for the federal stimulus and the reform health care bills, which he said, the Republicans want to repeal.

“I’ll tell you why – follow the money,” Clinton declared again.

“Why do they want to repeal it? Because there is a little line in there that says from now on, 85 cents of every dollar you pay for health insurance premiums has to go to your health care not to insurance companies’ profits and promotions. That’s what they want out of there,” Clinton said.

Clinton also had words of praise for Gov. Pat Quinn and U.S. Senate hopeful Alexis Giannoulias.

Clinton on the States’ Republican Candidates

Clinton said, “In general, the Democrats have aggressively supported the tax credits that help small businesses hire new employees. And they favor all loan guarantees and supports to give incentives to community banks and credit unions, and other loans to small businesses. And they want to get Wall Street back in the business of loaning to businesses again.”

But he added that the Republicans are using a “bait and switch” tactic to repeal the Wall Street reform that President Obama put in place, to bail out banks.

The Republicans are seeking “to let them go back to these high-risk, job-killing loan skims with no safety net,” which he said would make a crash and another bailout more likely.

Clinton said under the Republicans’ budget waiting in the wings, they are proposing to make tax cuts permanent for the wealthy, which costs $700 billion. They’re going to repeal the health care legislation and add $100 billion dollars to the debt, he said. And they’re planning to spend “like crazy” on defense.

In addition, Clinton said the Republicans’ proposed budget will spend more on Medicare because they want to “privatize it and give more of it to the health insurance companies.”

Clinton added that if the people really wanted to bring back manufacturing jobs to Illinois and elsewhere around the country, and wanted a green energy economy, and didn’t want to see another bailout for the banks, then they should vote for the Democrats.

“They have the right ideas. You have a clear choice,” declared Clinton to the massive, cheering crowd.

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