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Happy Election Time, Readers!

It’s that time of year people: break out the whistles and banners, a new sheriff’s coming to town! No. Not really. We may be getting a new president. Is everybody ready? For what you ask? Ready for the big changes that everyone is advertising. Are we ready for big changes in the school? Yeah! Are we ready for big changes in the economy? Yeah! Are we ready to make life better for the poor? Yeah!

Hmmm…this all feels so familiar. You probably remember when you would sit in the school auditorium and listen to the student council promise better food in the school cafeteria. The last I checked, the menu hasn’t changed.

I am surprised at myself. I have figured it out. For people like me who really don’t care for politics, even elections, we don’t really have to get engrossed. I have been the victim of lunch time debates plenty of times–check please! Just don’t be ignorant to what is going on in our nation. After all, do we really want to hand over our country to careless hands? As an American, I will not sit back anymore. I still kick myself over the last elections because it was the first year I was old enough to vote, and I didn’t. You see, I’m a very opinionated person, and when things go wrong, I speak my mind. I’ve had a lot to say in the last four years, but I have to shut my mouth after someone politely asks, “Did you vote?” You can’t complain if you didn’t vote in the first place.

I want to know what’s going on. I want the best for all of us.

Gosh Darn it, I want to exercise my right to open up my trap, whenever I feel it’s necessary! Often, may I add. I am going to vote.

Where do I start?

Register to vote.


Follow the elections.

The primary elections for 2004 are going to be held on March 16th.

A primary is a vote in a political party to select a contestant for position or political office. Primaries cover offices at all levels of government. There are twenty offices on the 2004 Primary Election Ballot that people will vote for such as President, U.S. House of Representatives, State Senate, State House of Representatives, Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, State board of Education, etc. In the process of voting in the primary elections, a secret ballot is used to vote like in a regular election. Some primary elections are closed, meaning that they are only open to registered members of a certain political party. Open primaries are for people from any party, or even none at all. Each party’s primary election winner then goes on to the general elections which will be held Nov. 2nd this year.

In this primary election for the President of the United States, you will have to elect a candidate to represent your political party to run for president. The nominee for president has to select a running mate, who will be a vice presidential candidate. The two winning candidates from the primary election will have to face off, debating at least twice, before the general election. They will argue the views and plans that they have for the nation.This year, it will be a Democratic candidate running against President George Bush because he is up for re election. The twenty-second amendment of the constitution limits the President to two terms.

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