Drug Addicts: A Childhood Life with a Mother on Drugs Part Two


Editor’s Note: The following article was written by a youth reporter who is a graduate of the Urban Youth International Journalism Program.

Sometimes it’s like you take one step up and fall three steps back. Three years after Part One of this story, I am going to tell you the rest.

In 2005, my mother moved back in with me and my son, sisters, brothers, aunt and grandmother. Things were good, but different. She was kind of living up to the mother she used to be. But then my grandmother got sick and had to go to a residential care home.

After that, everything became like the same old, same old. My mother was gone again.

What do I do? I am struggling to raise my three-year-old son. I became a certified nursing assistant and I work double shifts at a nursing home, where patients with Alzheimer’s sometimes call me “bitch” and “nigger.” I have my own apartment and I’m taking care of my little sisters along with my son. And I am trying to finish my journalism degree at Columbia College and start a magazine.

My grandmother can’t help any more. My aunt is gone. To keep from crying, I laugh. No mother, four siblings, a son, and not a plan in the world for us. Facing this will take a prayer and a miracle. I had no idea this family situation would turn me in flips.

My plan for my life remains to accomplish my dreams, and focus on writing and being a great mother. My two little brothers had to go live with their father, so now it’s my son Tigger, the girls and me with no help from public aid or DCFS. I spoke to numerous people at DCFS, trying to get some help raising my sisters. But it was like they didn’t want me to raise them. It’s true I don’t earn enough to provide for all of us, but I refuse to let my sisters go to DCFS. I will work two jobs and go to school part time to make this work. Making it is harder than I thought but with God anything is possible.

I really am not mad at my mother. I am more hurt for her and pray that one day she really could come around and see the light. I really want to dedicate this article to my grandmother, who is very sick now. Grandmother, I am praying for you and love you and most of all honor you. You not only are a loving, caring lady, but a hard working and devoted parent and grandparent. You deserve the world and I promise you I will make it and do this for you, my number one fan. No one believed in me more than you, and more than I believe in myself. I will always put us first and never complain about life.

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