Flannery Homes Update


As soon as the last issue of RJ came off the press, Flannery had another change of managers. David Kane was removed Sept. 26 and the new Flannery Manager is Donna Jones. She began management duties Oct. 1, 1997.

Marie Colon continues as assistant manager. The maintenance department is headed by maintenance superintendent Larry Calvin; Janitor A is Selvyn Stanicine and Janitor C is Vincent Moore.

Jones introduced herself to building residents at a leaseholders meeting Oct. 1. She discussed continuing building problems. Residents said the elevators in both buildings are consistent problems. On many days, both elevators in one or the other building have been down. Jones said tenants should report elevator problems to the management office immediately.

At the meeting, Jones said new leases were being typed for processing. The leases will be renewed every 14 months from the anniversary of the tenant’s move-in date.

There are many new clauses contained in the new leases and Jones advised tenants to check them over carefully before signing. Rent payments are due on the 1st through 10th of each month. After the 10th , Jones said a 14-day notice will be served on the tenant and legal fees will be added to the overdue rent.

Jones said the electric discount deduction charge is $29 per month for studio apartments and $32 per month for 1 bedroom apartments. Regarding guests, 2-week passes will be issued for tenant’s guests only if the leaseholder is ill and he/she needs the guest to help with basic needs. Any guest who wants to be put on a lease permanently requires a birth certificate, proof of income (SSI, etc.) and a security check by CHA.

All guests are required to have a valid picture ID to be admitted to the building by the guard on desk duty. After 10 p.m., the tenant must come down to the lobby and escort the guest upstairs. The guest must be escorted back down to the lobby when they leave.

Jones said she is conducting a survey to find out if tenants’ blinds and windows work. The painting cycle for 1997 ended and the next painting cycle began Jan. 1, 1998. Jones also announced that a physician is on duty in apt.# 302 at 1531 N. Clybourn from 8:30 a.m. through 12:30 p.m. every Thursday for medical assistance. Flu shots are available from the doctor at no charge.

New refrigerators were delivered to all apartments in late October. These new refrigerators accommodate more food and are energy efficient. Many residents at Flannery are pleased with the new refrigerators.

Holiday Festivities

A Halloween Party for Flannery tenants was held Oct. 31 at the 1531 N. Clybourn by Mary Ann Longstreet-Madison, the resident service coordinator Flannery’s representative from the city Department on Aging at Flannery Homes. The residents were pleased with the tasty menu, as they are with all of Mary Ann’s enthusiastic efforts.

Longstreet held another event for Thanksgiving. The event was held on the top floor at 1531 the day before Thanksgiving. The dinner was splendid, with plenty of turkey dressing, sliced turkey, sweet potatoes, greens, hot rolls, salad and fruit punch.

At the Thanksgiving event, Longstreet-Madison announced that 1st National Bank would sponsor a Christmas door-decorating contest and a party with food, entertainment and a disc jockey on Dec. 11. That party was fun also.

Christmas Turkeys and Hams were donated to all Flannery Residents Friday Dec. 19.

Local Politics

On Friday, Nov. 21, at 2 p.m., a leaseholders meeting was held for the election of building tenant officers. This meeting was called because of a number of tenants’ dissatisfaction with Herman Verneer, building president of 1507 N. Clybourn. A petition was signed by 62 residents out of a total of 86 leaseholders at 1507 requesting Verneer’s dismissal due to a lack of participation in Local Advisory Council affairs. The petition alleged that Verneer had not held any meetings in 1997.

On Dec. 4, Senior North Local Advisory Council President Shirley Hammond attended a Flannery tenants meeting in response to the petition to dismiss Verneer.

Hammond said all building presidents must hold meetings at least once per month. Verneer said in his defense that he had held only one meeting this year because he holds an outside job. He said he held four meetings last year, adding that the building’s finances were in order.

Hammond furnished tenants with a cost-balance sheet which showed that the l507 building was in financial balance. Hammond requested Verneer’s resignation but Verneer said that his tenure in office was scheduled to extend through 1998 and pointed out to Hammond that the tenants had no legal means to dismiss him from office before his tenure is up. But the tenants indicated by a show of hands that they wanted Verneer out “NOW.”

Hammond said that because Verneer had failed to hold tenants meetings, she would dismiss him.

Verneer said that he had done his job with the exception of holding tenants meetings and asked for another show of hands vote. The show of hands was still negative and Verneer agreed to leave office immediately. It was agreed the other building officers would retain their office until the next council meeting in January.

Ethel Henderson became the acting building president, “Vicky” Hortense Mason, the secretary, said she is too ill to continue as secretary and was replaced by Ann Smith. Jim Francis was nominated as acting co-president until the next council meeting in January.

A Dec. 9 tenants meeting was attended by building manager Donna Jones, Hammond and her staff and Mildred Reed, a representative of CHA senior programs and the Senior Victims’ Assistance Program. Reed stressed that senior residents must support CHA in its efforts to maintain safety and security. Reed was responding to an incident of severe vandalism at 1507 N. Clybourn in the solarium on the 16th floor. No tenants supplied any information about the extensive damage.

CHA Police Commander Frank Tyson addressed the tenants and supplied his direct-line telephone number (674-4164). Tyson emphasized that the caller’s name and address will not be recorded as with the Chicago Police Dept.s’ 9-1-1 system. Tyson emphasized the importance of trust between the tenants and CHA Police. The tenants have a vested interest in the Flannery buildings and property. Visitors do not. Tyson said he wanted Flannery residents to get more involved in security matters.

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