Editor’s Note: The following article was written by a youth reporter who is a graduate of the Urban Youth International Journalism Program.

Let me define haters. Haters can be male or female. From what I know, the male hater hates on other males because they can’t play sports, or they think another male is a lame, or he doesn’t dress or talk like them. What I know about female haters is they hate on other females because they may think another female looks better than them or is more popular in school. That was just a general description of the reason people from my culture hate on one another.

In reality, haters are people who don’t like people because someone may have something that they don’t have. Haters are always making negative comments and trying to stir up trouble, especially when they see other people getting nice things, trying to better themselves, and making something out of their lives. The hater will be the first to say, “that ain’t nothing. Oh, that’s easy to do that, anybody can do it. I had them first. I was going to get that but it was ugly.” Haters always have something to say, and it’s rarely ever anything nice. Haters are full of jealousy and envy, but more often than not you’ll hear them say, “I’m just keeping it real.”

In the Ida B. Wells, haters are everywhere. They always want what they can’t have. They gossip and talk down to people to satisfy their selfish needs. Haters don’t like the changes going on in the Wells, so they do and say little things because they want things to stay the same. They talk bad about Oakwood Shores like they can’t see all of the abandoned, vacant apartments, crime and litter in the Wells.

I’m not a hater so I know that change can be good. I’m not saying that some old things won’t be missed, but some of the new changes coming here are long overdue. A lot of haters in the Wells are mad because they aren’t able to move into the new development. The restraints such as being lease compliant, and the one-strike-you’re-out policy will keep a lot of them out. That’s okay though because haters mess things up just for the sake of it, like writing on the walls and peeing in the hallways. I’m not going to hate on Oakwood Shores because its new and beautiful and has plenty of rules that may mean that it will last long like the Ida B. Wells without becoming a bad place to live.

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