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The Service Connector Program in Harold Ickes Homes continues to be alive and well.

The residents have found a service close to home where they can bring their needs and get help finding solutions to help fulfill those needs. Recently, I spoke to Angela Bailey from The Woodlawn Community Development Corporation, who is contracted by the Chicago Housing Authority to run the Service Connector Program at Ickes. Bailey answered my inquiries on many different aspects of the program

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and its impact. Her replies gave this reporter a factual progress report that shows positive gains in the lives of many residents. The program has been in effect since the late summer of 2001. Soon after, the development sites opened – in October of the same year, Bailey said.

RJ: “How long is the program contracted for?”
AB: “It’s a 10-year program renewable yearly to the development.”
RJ: “Can you tell me how much the total contract is worth in monetary terms?”
AB: “No, Ickes doesn’t have a particular allotment, and other than that, I can’t say.”
RJ: “How many residents have been serviced since the office here opened?”
AB: “We have serviced mostly all of the residents at one time or other. Our records show as many as 420 have been connected to the services that they requested.”
RJ: “Which service was most asked for?”
AB: “There has been quite a mixture of requests from the different areas of services.
However, the number one requests were for jobs placement. Sometimes they come into the office for places to get food and financial assistance benefits. They often come to the office just to vent frustrations about things that they can not overcome, or get done through the management office.”
RJ: “Has there been any interest in referral services for drug counseling?”
AB: “There have been some requests for referrals but a whole lot of numbers have not been documented.”
RJ: “Can you give me a description of your outreach activity?”
AB: “Certainly. We go door to door on a daily basis; during the summer, we had the board of health vans for families. Just before school began, we distributed school supplies to the children and our offices are always open during the day.”

Moving around the development, I spoke to four of my neighbors, some of whom did not want their names mentioned.

RJ: “Have you been to the service connector office for assistance?”
DT: “Yes, I have. I have to go back though – they didn’t have any job placement in the area of my experience that day, but Ms. Wright did tell me when to come back, and I will go. I need a job bad.”
RJ: “Thank you, Ms. T.”

I spoke to R. James, who only used his last name:

R. James: “When I went down there, I had to wait so long, I got hungry and I left.
“When I came back, I had to get another appointment. But this time, I’ll bring a sandwich.”

The other two persons to whom I spoke told me they were satisfied and everybody who needs what they have to offer should go there. We as a people don’t usually use the things given to us, but this service will work for you if you truly mean business. The Service Connector program has survived and expects to continue to serve.

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