I Ain’t…


Editor’s Note: The following article was written by a youth reporter who is a graduate of the Urban Youth International Journalism Program.

I ain’t a crackhead
I have way more respect for myself
Than to be out here getting high taking risks with my health
I don’t want to be a mental slave to any drug
Squatting in a vacant apartment on a dirty floor covered with bugs
I’ll never be walking the streets in search of coke
While I watch my future go up in smoke
I’m way too sophisticated and way too educated
To be overdosing or getting hooked
The only thing I’m overdosing on is the books
I don’t have all day to be on security
Because that shows a lack of maturity
I don’t have time to sleep standing up
I have bigger plans for when I grow up
I plan on getting the best education and not being misled
Whatever I do, I ain’t going to be no crackhead

I ain’t no killer
I’d rather save a life
Because murderers don’t think twice
Not until they’re locked up and never coming home
Convicted in court, now that’s two lives gone
Two more Black people gone for no reason
Killers roam the streets with guns like its hunting season
The old people live in fear and little kids can’t go out and play
Especially when there’s a shootout and they get in the way
This year like others we’ll see t-shirts of deceased loved ones
This year like others people will die because someone got beat up and ran to get a gun
When someone gets killed they always say he was at the right place at the wrong time but it seems to me
If someone is shooting at you, no matter what time it is that’s the wrong place to be

I ain’t a liar
I prefer the truth be the only thing that crosses my lips
There’s not a dishonest bone in my body from toes to fingertips
Sometimes people lie to spare others’ feelings
But to me that’s just shady dealings
Is lying really a must?
What happened to the trust?
Parents lie to their children thinking we can’t handle the real
They don’t take the time out to see how we feel
They say the truth shall set you free, then I’m free as the wind
Rumors, gossip, and snitching are all part of the trend
I try to stay away from falsehoods and deceit
If you didn’t hear me the first time, don’t worry I’ll repeat
I ain’t no liar

I ain’t a dropout
I ain’t dropping out because there ain’t nothing in the streets
I can be somewhere in class instead of getting in petty beefs
I need to learn anyway
I’m not just living for today
If I want to have a future I need to stay in school
Because we all know there’s nothing worse than a grown fool
I realize there’s nothing wrong with being book smart and that’s the truth
I can look around my hood every day and see the proof
If I don’t know something I need to find out
I’m not going to get what I need to succeed sitting in the house on my couch that’s why I’m never dropping out

I ain’t no criminal
Sometimes I sit and dream looking at the stars
Wondering about all of the people spending their lives behind bars
Going back and forth to jail that’s too many times
Not even getting anything out of committing all of their crimes
But nowadays everybody wants to be a thug or worse
Sticking up, snatching money until someone gets hurt
When you’re grown and can’t get a job because of the x’s on your back
You’ll know that going to jail just pulls your life of track
Committing crime looks fun but then they take it too far
Your mom, kids, or girl will be crying when you’re in the back of a that blue and white police car
I see people doing the wrong thing and only getting the bare minimal
Me, I’m staying in school ’cause I ain’t no criminal

I ain’t ignorant
I happen to be very smart
And I know that having an education will take me very far
I go to school and try to do my best
Some days I’m tired as ever without any rest
When I lie in my bed and close my eyes
I’m thinking about what if I had died
Other than that I have no worries
Just a bunch of stories
I’ve learned a lot of things and there’s one I must confess
Education to me is the key to success
Knowing things and people will help you make it in life
But you’ll never make it treating your life like a game of dice

I ain’t a drug dealer
I’m a young black man that thinks a lot about school
I don’t sell drugs because selling drugs to blacks is cruel
Drug dealers are wild and don’t care
Where will they go? Some don’t know where
They will get locked up, kidnapped, or end up dead
I ain’t a drug dealer because I’ve got too much in my head
I ain’t a drug dealer because killing ain’t right
The drugs they sell really take lives, that’s why I stay focused with all my might
Getting money is a lot, but taking lives is more
Killing someone else’s family members is like killing one of yours
I don’t sell drugs because there are many more ways to hustle for dough
No matter how much money you’ve got if your selling drugs you’re living low
I want to do something with my life that’ll make my mother, family and friends proud
So if you didn’t hear me at first, I’ll say it loud
I ain’t no drug dealer

I ain’t a thief
I’m a young, funny and athletic dude
All around smart and most of the time cool I love to play basketball inside or on the streets
Whatever you want to call me don’t call me a thief
I don’t take money or watches to tell the time
I don’t need to steal, I can earn mine
Money, cars, clothes, and everything flashy
Why steal things when I’m better off asking?
Air Force Ones and Girbauds I don’t need to take
Nor Jordans, Rocawear, or Bathing Apes
Anything new that I ain’t rocking
They think that I’m gonna steal that’s why the store owner is watching
They make sure when I’m walking out they know what I’ve got
Like I don’t now if I don’t I didn’t pay for something they’ll call the cops
I’m an honest guy who’s mostly nice
Thinking I’m a thief is the wrong stereotype
I’m not dumb, a dropout or hopeless
I’m really just the opposite in case you didn’t notice

I ain’t a bustdown
I’d rather be compared to a princess
Yes, the best of the best
Nonetheless Relax your nerves and take a rest
I’m not anybody’s piece on me you can’t put a price
So if you think I’m that nice I’d advise you to think twice
I’m not a street walker
So beat it if you’re a sweet talker
It’s hard for me to believe
That I cannot succeed
Ask anyone, it’s certain
That I am a unique person
I always show my true personality
This is no joke its reality
Check my background
It’ll show that I ain’t a bustdown

I ain’t a gangbanger
And today that’s alright
I’d much rather play basketball than shoot someone or fight
I don’t have to claim a gang and I’ll be just fine
At school I’ll be carrying my work instead of drugs or a nine
I will fight and strive for As and Bs
Instead of being in the middle of wars between GDs and BDs
I want people to respect me for my education
Not because I beat someone up at the train station
Don’t guess I’m in a gang because of my clothes or looks
If the police search my bookbag they’ll only find my ankle brace and books
I’d much rather be somewhere hoping or chilling with a little honey
Than standing on the corner with my hat turned trying to make some money
I’ve learned that the ones that think they’re cool turn out to be the biggest fools
That’s exactly why I’m staying my butt in school
I know that with good connections and education my life won’t have limitations
There won’t be a need for rehabilitation or restoration because I have all the basic information.
We’re not any of those negative stereotypes, but it’s easy for us to become them.
We are the future
Exactly what we become in the future is up to us

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