Is South Shore Clean?


Editor’s Note: The following article was written by a youth reporter who is a graduate of the Urban Youth International Journalism Program.

South Shore is not as clean as it could be. Why? Because the students are so careless. They throw garbage on the floors and they complain because it’s very nasty.

The bathrooms could be cleaned better but because everyone wants to be nasty, they stay dirty. If the students just put everything in the garbage cans instead of the floor, it wouldn’t be that way. Everywhere you go in the school, you see a garbage can. They are there to be used, so why don’t students use them?

Not everyone keeps the school filthy but there is a great percentage.

As we’re on the case, the lunchroom could also be much cleaner.Everyone makes a mess and doesn’t want to clean it up. They leave trash on the tables, floor and even around the garbage cans.

People aren’t even aware that these hazards cause problems like mice and roaches. When those pests show up, then everyone will really complain. When the school fails the health inspections and we have to have cold food, it will be our fault.

We can solve the whole issue by just being sanitary people. We can recycle and help conserve energy everywhere. In order to change the school from being the place it is, we first have to be willing to change ourselves.

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