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Lathrop Homes has a new playground due to the construction of the Damen Avenue Bridge. The Chicago Department of Transportation, along with Walsh Construction, hired Lathrop residents to help with the project.

A dedication ceremony will be happening soon. Look for further details on the Lathrop Homes improvement in the next issue of RJ.

Thanks to Avery Patillo for your help with the Jimmy Thomas Nature Trail. Also, special thanks to all of our young people who have been coming out on Saturday. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations Arlando Adamson, a Robert Taylor Homes resident-owned-business owner, for getting the contract to finish the Jimmy Thomas Trail.

To a Special Person

Most times we make the mistake of giving a person their flowers after they have departed this life but I say give them their due while the person can smell them. The same goes for letting a person know that they have done a wonderful job. That is why I wanted to write about this one particular lady.

When I was a younger person living with my aunt and uncle in Robert Taylor Homes, I heard my aunt and some of her friends speak of Bobbie Bolden and the Summer Food Program and how she cares about feeding “those babies,” as she calls the children of CHA.

As I got older and began living on my own in CHA, I began to volunteer and I found out about Resident Organizations. And guess who was heading this organization, none other than Bobbie Bolden.

I just want to say that her programs bring so many opportunities to our young people that they may never have been able to take advantage of without Bolden and her outstanding staff.

She has brought such programs as Youth Expression at Fuller Park, where young people from all housing developments had a chance to strut their stuff; and the Youth Can Cook programs throughout the developments.

My favorite Resident Organizations activity was when I had a chance to participate in the sleepover along with many other volunteers and the fine RO staff on the night of the Chicago Bulls playoff game, when everyone wanted the city to be safe.

Bolden and her staff came with the idea of the sleepover. Just to see the look on Bolden’s face when you looked at the kids made one know just how much she cares for her babies.

In closing, I just want to say that we need more people like Bolden and her staff to tell our young people to keep on keeping on. Not only is Ms. Bolden head of Resident Organization but she is also a CHA resident. So it makes it all the greater to know that someone who has had some of the same blows as the rest of us is helping to make the dreams of some of our young people come true.

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