Leaving High School for the Real World

by  , Youth Reporter from South Shore School of Leadership

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by a youth reporter who is a graduate of the Urban Youth International Journalism Program.

Several students in South Shore School of Leadership High School say “school sucks.”

“School is boring, because it’s nothing to do,” said senior Brittney Walter.

Students cannot wait to get out of high school. Senior year is when students get their plans together for after high school.

Plans can change, as some of the school’s teachers know from their own experience. Germaine Evanko’s and Eric Harken’s plans both changed.

Evanko planned to go to Ohio State University (OSU) to study art and Spanish, but she went to OSU and studied Spanish and business.

Harken planned to go to college and begin studying for something that would help him get a job.

“I went to college, changed majors twice and flunked out after my freshman year,” he said. “Took up three more majors, went to three more schools and 6.5 years to graduate.”

Most students cannot wait to get out of their parents’ house, but most teenagers will need their parents in the long run.

Evanko said her father “was extremely supportive.”

Evanko had more than just her father; she had her brother too because he already attended OSU. She was “excited to be out of my home, on my own and off to college.”

Harken was on his own, no one telling him what to do.He was not scared to be all by himself, he was just “clueless.”

“Obviously I made the ‘grown’ decisions,” he said.

Brittney thinks it’s a good idea to explore the world. But she is scared because it is a big responsibility. It is just too much for little old her.

Senior Destiny Coe said she has big dreams for herself and that she has to start taking on responsibility. She has to do what she has to do.

Harken said, “It just gets more difficult from now on, but three times as fun.”

Evanko’s advice is “to not give up on your dreams, work hard, study hard, be a good person and good things will come your way.”

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