Making It Harder for Students to Get a License

by  , Youth Reporter

The Drivers Ed program is making a change in the year 2008 for teens to get their licenses. Rumor has it that the age will move up to 20 to obtain a driver’s license.

It’s said that the law will be boosting the age up from 18 due to young people’s high rate of driving fatalities from ages 16-17.

These changes will also make it harder for students to get their licenses.

“It will affect some graduates who are 18 years old and needing their license after graduating from high school,” said Mr. Thomas, Collins High School P.E. teacher.

The CPS Drivers Ed program for high school students has 3 phases. All students must pass Phase 1 in order to graduate from high school. It consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and students must pass the Drivers Ed written exam.

Next, students pay $20 and must complete 8 hrs of simulation training and will then receive their drivers permit.

Last but not least, students must go through the process of range and trafficking where students must drive a car in traffic at least 6 times and then go to the DMV to take the final test.

“The situation is making it harder for students who need transportation. Now that I’m 18, I have a car, and won’t be able to drive it because of the age range boosting up.” says Carolyn Cain, a senior at Collins high school.

I think this situation is unfair and will affect me in my senior year in a lot of ways.

As a senior, I still haven’t gotten my license yet due to the simple fact that I haven’t taken simulation training classes or range trafficking.

This will be a hard situation for me to deal with my senior year, along with the many senior activities of luncheon, prom, and graduation fees, and studying my senior coursework. 

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