My Thoughts About Fatherhood

by  , Youth Reporter

In the year 2008, there has been a lot of news on television, on radio, in newspapers, and in magazines about fatherhood. One topic on television about fatherhood has been about the father’s role and support of the child.

I asked Jerry Green, the father of a three year old girl, to answer a few questions.

The first question I asked was, how do you feel about being a father? He commented that he really doesn’t know how to feel about being a father because his own father has been gone since birth. Another question I asked was, how does single parenting affect your child’s life?

Green told me that a single parent has to strive to play both roles of being a father and a mother.
Being a father is a very important role in every child’s life.

A boy can’t easily become a man being around only women. In Illinois there were over 10,000 pregnancies in one recent summer alone, according to the internet.

Most of the pregnancies were teenagers who were not expecting to get pregnant. Everyday a young, single mother struggles trying to do everything on her own.

For instance, she has to work, cook, clean, protect, provide, and show her love from a mother’s and a father’s point of view.

I asked Lashawna Mcwright what single parenting is like. She replied that she wants to always show her child that she loves her and that she will always provide for her.
Personally, I have some concerns about fatherhood because I am now a young adult male and while I’m out in the world alone I can only rely on my mother’s advice about how to survive.

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