Phased Out

by  , Youth Reporter

In the 2005-2006 school year, Collins High School students, staff, and faculty heard the tragic news that we were no longer going to be in existence.

We were being phased out.

Faculty members who had been here for over 15 years were saddened to hear this news. They knew it would result in longtime teachers being laid-off who would eventually have to search for new jobs.

At the end of the 2005-2006 school year, students would have to say their good-byes because we knew we were no longer going to see those teachers again. Many students felt like the teachers who would have to leave were the ones who really cared about students.
Students took action going through the process to petition to save teachers and the school. Students, faculty, and staff planned a charge up to City Hall to voice our opinions. But the doors of City Hall were not even opened for us. Collins had a great deal of support from the community, teachers, former students, staff and even the support of a former principal.

The Board said their reasons for closing Collins were low academic performance, low attendance rates, and low standardized test scores. However, the Board had to be well aware of the other schools in the same area whose academic levels were the same or even lower than our school.

We then knew the situation was much deeper than only our academic levels. We did all we could, we petitioned, we called and we wrote letters but nothing worked.
Jessica Jones, a current senior who has been at Collins for four years told me, “It is wrong. Phasing out Collins should have not gone into effect. Ten years from now, we will not have anything to come back to or look back on. We cannot look forward to class reunions and grade school students won’t have a chance to see what Collins is like or what it could have been like in the future.”
If only Collins had been given the chance to improve, we could have shown what we are capable of doing. If only better teachers had been hired who really cared about the students instead of a paycheck, I am quite sure there could have been a brighter future.

However, I’ll remember the Collins family and we will always hold a special place in this building – forever.

We are the Cobras.

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