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by  Assistant Editor

As summer turns to fall and the leaves change from a garden green to a burnt pumpkin orange to a dark chocolate brown and a lemon sunny yellow, some South Suburban mayors are seeing red when it comes to Chicago Housing Authority residents relocating to their suburban areas.

Like the colorful leaves that fall and the bricks from public housing walls that scatter to the wind, so are the residents from public housing who are relocating from the developments closed due to the CHA Plan for Transformation. Many residents have left the city of Chicago and gone to South Suburban communities where they are faced with many issues, to let the South Suburban officials tell it.

I called Mayor William Shaw from Dolton, Illinois, and asked him what does he think of the large growth of residents from CHA relocating there with their Housing Choice Vouchers (better known as Section 8)?

Shaw said, “There’s not a large amount of residents that are relocating to Dolton, Illinois, only about 25%, but there is not a lot of opportunity here when it comes to employment so that might be a problem.

“I was wondering why doesn’t CHA send some public housing residents to places like Schaumburg or the northern suburban area.”

I also called the mayor in Joliet – Arthur Schultz – and asked him the same question.

Schultz said, “There have been several families that have come into our area, and yes, there have been some political discussion about certain ones who get involved in unsociable activities such as drugs and gangs.

“Some of these type of activities make politicians and local people frown upon people coming from different areas and not just from CHA.

“But I can say that most of the families that came from Chicago have been good families.”

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