Stepping Onto the Stage

by  , Youth Reporter from Altgeld Gardens

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by a youth reporter who is a graduate of the Urban Youth International Journalism Program.

My experience with the Altgeld Garden’s drama club was very new and scary.

The experience was unlike anything I’ve ever done. I found it all very unusual, since it was my job to act in a play, even though I have stage fright.

That was the scariest part of being in the drama club. But I am very happy and grateful for my experience because it helped me get over a problem I have been facing my whole life.

There were many different segments in the play I was in, but the main focus of the play was to show the many problems teens face, such as teen pregnancy, bullying, violence, sex, peer pressure and STD’s. Even though these are a lot of significant problems that teens face, there is one that stood out the most. That was the section on teen sex because it leads to most of the other problems that teen’s face.

Another reason for the play was to show kids how to deal with the problems they may face later in life and how to deal with those problems in a positive and constructive way. The play also helped me understand there is always more than one way to deal with a problem. There are always positive and negative ways to handle problems and they all have their own consequences. The way you decide to deal with a problem helps build your character.

Acting in the drama club also did more than help me get over my stage fright. It also helped me realize that I would one day like to make a movie that people would enjoy and talk about for years to come. The drama club taught me to have confidence in myself and to overcome my stage fright, plus the drama club showed me a new goal in life that I hope one day to achieve.

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