When Will It End?


In the Bible, it states that the world will one day end in fire. With this prediction I concur. It will not be a forest fire, nor will it be a fire such as the one that Mrs. O’Leary’s cow started. Not even the fire that a bomb or any natural disaster can cause.

The fire of which I’m speaking of is GUN FIRE! So many of our young people are gone because of this fire. The average death in these past few years has not been from old age or any incurable disease. It is the simple destruction of our youth, our future in general.

I live in a low rent, high-rise public housing development. It’s bad enough to live there as it is without waking up to the sounds of shooting. Granted it’s not like this every day, which is marvelous. But when it starts, it seems to come without much warning. I do not stay in the house: I go outside, away from my development. It’s hard to go anywhere if they are shooting out there. Read more »

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