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Attention Attention

Calling All CHA Residents and Former Residents,

Please follow the link below and fill out the following Survey. This Survey will help Resident Leaders negotiate with city officials to make sure the Plan for Transformation 2.0 truly works for all Chicago families.

Everyone who fills out the survey will qualify to win a laptop computer or a $250 gift card. Feel free to share the link with anyone you know. Anyone who fills out the survey is eligible to win the prizes. ACT SOON, the survey closes June 1.

The Survey is sponsored by We The People Media, the nonprofit publishers of Residents’ Journal, working with the elected leaders of public housing families. You can find out more about We The People Media at

Please call the Central Advisory Council at (312) 913-7828 with any questions or concerns!

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Ickes Leader Challenges CHA CEO


It is no future at Ickes,” declared Gloria Williams, the resident leader at the Harold Ickes Homes, to Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) CEO Lewis Jordan at the Tenant Services meeting on March 11.

Williams was upset because CHA has been rapidly closing down buildings and emptying out the 738-unit public housing complex without having a formal federal plan to redevelop or rehabilitate the site. “You can steadily put people out,” Williams said. “I just want my people and the people here to know that I did everything I could. But when housing decides to tear your land down…it’s no stopping. I cannot stop them. “It’s not a ‘we’ thing. It’s a CHA thing. I used to be a part of it. Now it’s just a CHA thing,” she added.
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Publisher’s Box


On Wednesday, June 21, 2006, Residents’ Journal Editor-in-Chief Mary C. Johns and Assistant Editor Beauty Turner were mistreated by Chicago police officers.

On that day, Johns and Turner were among many reporters from multiple media outlets covering a massive police operation in the Dearborn Homes public housing development.

Officers from several local and federal law enforcement agencies were in Dearborn Homes that day after a number of people died from using heroin which had a potentially fatal additive, and reports indicated that the heroin was purchased in Dearborn Homes.

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Troubling Development Update

by  Assistant Editor

Dearborn Homes; New Crack City?
Dearborn Homes are becoming like New Jack City,” said Joyce Van Allen, a long time resident of the development, in an interview in January, 2006.

“More like New Crack City,” Louisa Samuel, a relocated resident from Robert Taylor, said as she was visiting Van Allen’s apartment from next door. The residents reported a decrease in violent crime and an increased police presence but complained about a sharp rise in the drug dealing taking place on the property.

“Last year, we had no protection down here,” Van Allen told RJ, “but this year the police presence has increased.”
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Positive People

by  Editorial Assistant

Carlos Estes

Carlos Estes was a resident of Ida B. Wells from the time that he was a toddler up until he was 18 years old. He attended Doolittle East and Doolittle West grammar schools and Wendell Philips High School. After high school, he studied at Olive Harvey Community College. He also took courses at the National Institute of Real Estate and the National Center for Housing Management.

Former Ida B. Wells resident Carlos Estes. Photo by Crystal Medina

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Stop The Violence


On Sept. 11, all hell broke loose. I saw the hijacked planes crash into the World Trade Center and saw the buildings crumble on television as it happened along with millions of other viewers. I stared at my set for a long, long time before I understood that this was for real. Thousands had lost their lives in the two World Trade Centers alone.

I watched the same pictures over and over feeling the horror of what this could mean to us all. These attacks will force people to make many adjustments in the way we live and the way we think.
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