Mr. Robinson Goes to Washington


When I first started working on this resident newspaper this summer, I was both excited and concerned. I was enthusiastic about writing articles about my community and other public housing developments. I questioned, however, how much freedom I would have in writing various articles. So I asked my editor what we could and couldn’t write about and if there were people within CHA we could not touch. He assured me the paper would not be censored and that I had carte blanche on who and what I could write about without interference from the brass at CHA. I nevertheless remained skeptical.

The true test of the paper came when my editor announced that I would be accompanying him on a trip to Washington, D.C. The trip would be to a conference organized by Dominium, a private management company that is managing a CHA development and is seeking to become a national leader in the privatization field. The conference would bring together residents from Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans and Chicago. But I was determined to get an interview with one of the Washington big shots. I had spoken to my friends, neighbors and relatives to collect their concerns of how changes at the nation’s capitol would affect them. Read more »

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