CHA Announces First Clean Audit


In an Oct. 30, 1997, press release, the Chicago Housing Authority announced that they had received a financial clean bill of health from an outside auditor. This was CHA’s first clean financial audit in over 10 years.

Being a resident myself, I wondered how will this clean audit affect me or the other tenants of CHA. Read more »

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CHA to Buy Back Laundry Tokens


In early December, I participated in the celebration of the installment of the late Major Robert Lawrence Jr. (a cousin) into the Astronaut Hall of Fame at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Fla.

When I returned Dec. 8, I had a bag full of happy memories and dirty, sandy clothes. I needed to wash. But when I went into the laundry room one floor below my apartment, I saw some brand new machines. I was happy to see the new machines. Many tenants had long been disgusted with the old machines because they were in terrible condition when they worked at all.

But then I noticed a sign which said “insert card here.” I didn’t have a card; I and everyone in the building had been using tokens in the old machines. With no card, I had to drag my dirty laundry back to my apartment. Read more »

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