$1 Billion for CTA


Gov. Pat Quinn talks to reporters about his efforts to create jobs with infrastructure improvements as CTA President Forrest Claypool looks on during a press conference on renovating the Red and Purple ‘El’ public transit stations on Nov. 3, 2011.. Photo by Mary C. Piemonte

Two of the Chicago Transit Authority’s busiest train line stations will be improved and rebuilt, according to Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The two announced today during a press conference at the 35th Street Red Line ‘El’ station that “slow zones” will be eliminated, systems will be upgraded, and tracks will be repaired on the Red and Purple train lines.

Quinn said during the press conference that this $1 billion “state capital investment” plan from a combination of state, local and federal funds would also create 2,700 jobs.

“Jobs that you can support a family on, construction jobs, good jobs,” he added.
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Residents’ Journal Editor-in-chief talking about Summer Youth Employment


Click on the image to view the second episode of this season’s “RJ TV,” on July 18, 2011.

Watch Residents’ Journal‘s Editor-in-chief Mary C. Piemonte, talking to Jitsu Brown, the education organizer from the Kenwood/Oakland Community Organization, about his group’s efforts to get Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to fund an Community Youth Investment Act, he signed into law last year, to employ youth throughout the City of Chicago this year.

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Disability Rights Advocates Protest, and Gov. Quinn Retreats


Illinois Governor Pat Quinn heard the cries of the protestors who rallied outside the James Thompson Center urging him to “Stop the Train Wreck” in planned cuts to human services.

Last year, Quinn announced that he planned to impose more than $200 million in reductions to the state’s Department of Human Services, including cuts to mental health services, developmental disability services and centers for independent living.

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Clinton: “It’s all about the Money”


Former President William J. Clinton bedazzled a crowd of supporters for the Democratic Party at the “Vote Illinois Rally” held at the Palmer Hilton Grand Ballroom in downtown Chicago on Oct. 26.

Speaking like a person running for political office, Clinton bashed the Republican contenders across the country in his lengthy speech. And he urged the people in attendance at the rally to vote and tell others to vote all across the Democratic ticket in Illinois on Nov. 2.

Former President William J. Clinton talking about why people should vote for Democratic candidate on Election Day, as candidate for US Senator Alex Giannoulus (left) and US congressional candidate Dan Seals, looks on during the "Illinois Vote Rally" at the Palmer House Grand Ballroom in downtown Chicago, on October 26, 2010. Photo by Mary C. Johns

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