Checking Chicago’s War on Drugs

by  Editor-in-Chief

Relocated and current Chicago public housing residents as well as their private market neighbors in poverty-stricken areas want to know what the city police force is doing about their safety. They also want to know what the federal government has been doing to stop the flow of illegal drugs and weapons from ending up in their communities

Unspent Billions and Incomplete Housing Projects
According to data provided to RJ from the Chicago Housing Authority via e-mail in early April, 3,838 residents relocated with housing vouchers under the CHA’s $1.6 billion Plan for Transformation between Oct. 1, 1999 and Sept. 30, 2005. A large number have relocated into other high poverty areas in predominantly African American communities ridden with drug and gang activity. 431 relocated to Englewood, 258 moved into the South Shore area, 212 into apartments in the Roseland community, and 211 relocated to the Greater Grand Crossing area.

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Troubling Development Update

by  Assistant Editor

Dearborn Homes; New Crack City?
Dearborn Homes are becoming like New Jack City,” said Joyce Van Allen, a long time resident of the development, in an interview in January, 2006.

“More like New Crack City,” Louisa Samuel, a relocated resident from Robert Taylor, said as she was visiting Van Allen’s apartment from next door. The residents reported a decrease in violent crime and an increased police presence but complained about a sharp rise in the drug dealing taking place on the property.

“Last year, we had no protection down here,” Van Allen told RJ, “but this year the police presence has increased.”
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