ABLA Homes Update


The 9th annual ABLA Family Fun Day was held recently at Addams Park, 15th Street and Loomis Avenue (aka Deverra Beverly Street). The event was sponsored by ABLA’s Local Advisory Council and was an official part of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s Neighborhood Summer Festivals.

The beautiful, warm and sunny weather helped make it a well-received occasion. Thousands of ABLA residents from 2 to 92 years old came out and enjoyed. First-class entertainment was provided:

The CHA Ambassador Choir’s inspirational up-tempo songs had the crowd in a hand clapping, sing-along mood. The CHA Safe Summer Tour featured spectacular multi-talented youths from ABLA and other developments singing R&B and rap, performing amazing feats of gymnastics and well-choreographed dance steps. Rappin’ Tate, the emcee of the show, did an excellent job of keeping the crowd pumped up. Read more »

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