At CHA Mixed-Income Sites, Owners Exempt from Smoke-Free Zones


A new federal program will soon transform the homes of public housing tenants in some mixed-income developments into smoke-free zones. But the owners of the for-sale units at the mixed-income sites can smoke all they want, according to the Chicago Housing Authority.

US Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (from left), HUD Deputy Secretary Ron Simms and Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago CEO Joel Africk look on while CHA CEO Lewis Jordan announces new smoke-free zones at CHA sites. Photo by Mary C. Johns

Under the new pilot “Tobacco Prevention Project,” proposed by the City of Chicago and funded by the federal government, public housing residents who want to quit smoking at the CHA’s West Side Roosevelt Square mixed-income community and at three other CHA sites will be able to participate in “cessation classes” and receive counseling to help them kick the habit.

All of this will done with a portion of the $11.5 million two-year grant the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago recently received from the US Department of Health and Human Services. The West End Jackson Square mixed-income site, along with the Pomeroy and Kenmore Senior Apartments, are the sites designated as “smoke-free zones.”

At a press conference to announce the initiative, CHA offic

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Last Harvest


Like many of the CHA developments, the Flannery Homes senior development, home of Residents’ Journal, is undergoing a significant redevelopment. The mixed-income development of Orchard Park continues and the construction of a new community center is underway. Writer Alan Minerbrook surveyed his neighbors to determine their opinions of these changes.

The tenant garden of the Flannery Homes was taken down August 15 to make room for a new community center as well as a garden that will feature underground sprinklers and private garden spaces. Several tenants, if the project comes off the way the management has planned, say they will be happy about it. Here are the viewpoints of a few tenants and a clerk of the building at 1507 N. Clybourn.
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