Cabrini-Green Election

by  Assistant Editor

In the North Side development Cabrini-Green, residents were busy going to vote and expressing their views on the election when I stopped by on the morning of Election Day. The question was simple: who would penetrate the hard concrete public housing walls, a Cannon or a Steele? Which one would be the winner?

Residents that reside in Cabrini live in potentially the most valuable properties in Chicago. Kelvin Cannon, who has resided in a Cabrini-Green high rise for over 38 years, challenged community activist Carol Steele for her seat.
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It’s Not OK to Corral at Cabrini

by  Assistant Editor

“Gun Smoke” doesn’t have anything on Cabrini-Green this summer. On June 13, gunslingers dueled in the streets and sheriffs tried to restore order in the North Side development.

On that day, two men were killed and one was left in critical condition. A 14-year-old girl suffered a grazing wound to her thigh. The two young men who were killed were not residents of Cabrini-Green, according to numerous residents who I interviewed. Read more »
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