South Suburban Living

by  Assistant Editor

As summer turns to fall and the leaves change from a garden green to a burnt pumpkin orange to a dark chocolate brown and a lemon sunny yellow, some South Suburban mayors are seeing red when it comes to Chicago Housing Authority residents relocating to their suburban areas.

Like the colorful leaves that fall and the bricks from public housing walls that scatter to the wind, so are the residents from public housing who are relocating from the developments closed due to the CHA Plan for Transformation. Many residents have left the city of Chicago and gone to South Suburban communities where they are faced with many issues, to let the South Suburban officials tell it. Read more »
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Electrically Charged

by  Assistant Editor

Robert Taylor Homes residents aren’t the only ones getting charged about their high electric bills. As RJ has reported over recent months, many of the residents in Robert Taylor Homes have electric bills in the amounts of $500 to $22,000, and in some cases more. These unpaid bills are a problem for those residents who are being relocated under the Chicago Housing Authority’s Plan for Transformation.

The Relocation Contract with CHA states that residents must be current with all utility bills or they won’t be eligible for replacement housing. Some of the residents in Robert Taylor accumulated these high bills by not paying for electric service for a number of years. Other residents have wiring that is connected to other apartments and some tenants inherited accumulated electric bills from the last tenant who occupied their apartment. Read more »
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Last Day in 4525

by  Assistant Editor

Friday, Oct. 4, was the last day for the residents of 4525 S. Federal St. in the Robert Taylor Homes to be neighbors. The building was being closed in preparation for demolition. The Chicago Housing Authority closed a number of buildings in Robert Taylor this fall to make way for a new mixed-income community they have promised to build in its place.

The residents would have liked a peaceful final day in the building that many of them called home for decades. But the words I most often overheard from tenants describing that day were “chaos,” “mayhem” and “confusion.” Many of the tenants were scared, upset and confused because they didn’t know where they would live, how long they would live there, or how they would live. Read more »

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Housing Crisis in Highland Park


The surest evidence cialis soft tabs of our national housing crisis can be found under the city’s viaducts, or in the city’s emergency shelters, or in the nooks and crannies of the newly rehabbed Lower Wacker Drive, where the encampments of homeless men and women have become semi-permanent. Evidence of the national housing crisis can even be found, however, in well-off suburbs like Highland Park, an upscale community of luxurious, expansive homes and manicured lawns located on Lake Michigan’s North Shore.

The situation in places like Highland Park, moreover, can help explain why the Chicago Housing Authority seems to be having so much trouble relocating its tenants under the agency’s “Plan for Transformation.” Public housing tenants, low- and middle-income families are all being forced to compete over a shrinking supply of affordable housing. Like a game of musical chairs, those who are not quick enough will end up without a home of their own. Read more »

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