Positive People

by  Editorial Assistant

Geraldine “Penny” Walton
Geraldine Walton, or “Penny” as most people like to call her, is one of the sweetest people that you will ever meet and her genuine demeanor is quite refreshing.

She was a resident of Washington Park for four years. She explained how the building that she lived in, at 220 East 63rd street, was one of the last to go up and one of the first to come down.

“It was so nice there,” Penny said of the time she spent in the development. “Everything was clean. Back then, the gangs were just getting started so they weren’t so bad. When those street lights came on, everyone was in the house. Obviously, the situation has changed from the time that the buildings first started going up, with so much hope and well wishes, and now that they are pretty much deteriorating.

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