2004 Election Focal Points


In the previous issue of Residents’ Journal, I wrote about two of the candidates who were competing to be the next US Senator from Illinois. I asked them specific questions of interest to our entire readership. However, there are issues which all voters should become familiar with. To better inform our readers, I have asked a number of local activists to comment on some of the issues we should know about.

On November 2, 2004, citizens of the United States of America will go to the polls to vote. Due to the war in Iraq, economic concerns regarding the national budget, jobs, out-sourcing (sending work to foreign countries) and the threat of rising interest rates, many of us will certainly be aware of the importance and significance of the coming election. Locally and nationally, activists, officials and others are sounding the alarm far and wide to make sure we understand what is at stake.
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Crystal Clear Views

by  Editorial Assistant

Happy Election Time, Readers!

It’s that time of year people: break out the whistles and banners, a new sheriff’s coming to town! No. Not really. We may be getting a new president. Is everybody ready? For what you ask? Ready for the big changes that everyone is advertising. Are we ready for big changes in the school? Yeah! Are we ready for big changes in the economy? Yeah! Are we ready to make life better for the poor? Yeah!

Hmmm…this all feels so familiar. You probably remember when you would sit in the school auditorium and listen to the student council promise better food in the school cafeteria. The last I checked, the menu hasn’t changed. Read more »

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