Pilsen Guards Against Gentrifyers


On April 26, 2005 the Pilsen Alliance and the residents of the Pilsen community held a press conference in front of the now defunct Lerner Box Company, an industrial building on 16th Street and Carpenter. They were marching, picketing and protesting the Lipe Property Company. If you were anywhere near 16th and Carpenter that Tuesday night, you would have heard the shouting and chanting voices of men, women and a lot of young people, bellowing these words of protest: “Familias Si, Condos No” (Families Yes, Condos No).

Michael Florez of the Pilsen Alliance

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Transforming CHA: New Lights on Dark Passage


Many evenings I have been very apprehensive as I made my way home to the Harold Ickes development from my daily pastime of caring for my granddaughter, who lives nine miles away. Traveling north on South State Street has been a disturbing experience of watching darkness engulf the Chicago Housing Authority buildings along the State Street Corridor.

Along those blocks from 54th to 21st streets, where a large segment of the city’s public housing is located, residents moving about become mere shadows without true shape or form. Buildings also are not truly defined as shadows blend one into another. Read more »
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