Ickes’ Homes New Managers


The Woodlawn Organization (TWO), the new managers of the Harold Ickes Homes, is struggling to do a good job of managing the regular management-resident connections. Take, for instance, the monthly rent statements. I have regularly received mine five to ten days past the first of the month. I wait and hold on to my money order but it doesn’t come. I pay my rent and get a receipt without the rent statement to attach to my money order. I think, “Oh well. Maybe next month.”

In March, I got a statement with two months unpaid rent showing. Well, I know I paid February’s rent but I got nervous because if they made such a glaring mistake, how safe are your funds? By April 11, 2002 no rent statement yet. However, when I paid on the sixth of the month, TWO issued me a 14-day notice. Why? I wasn’t behind in paying rent. “Don’t worry,” the clerk said. “You’ve paid your rent. “It’s in your lease that after five days, without paying, you’re due a 14 day notice.” Read more »
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