Teens Working In and Out of School

by  , Youth Reporter

Krystyna Long is a 17-year-old senior who attends Orr High School located on the west side of Chicago.

Long also has a job at an ice cream parlor located downtown.

When asked what positive and negative effects come with working both in and out of school, she replied, “I may be a bit tired in the morning as I struggle to make it to school on time, but I still am able to help my grandmother with the bills and treat myself every once in a while.”

Tonia, the proud parent of two teenagers, says: “Teach them coming up before it’s too late. Have your children work as soon as possible to develop more and more skills, which will help them to be more experienced in the future.”
Ms. Pepper, a teacher for 19 years at George W. Collins High School, said students should not work while attending school.
“It takes far too much away from studying time, and having fun as a teen in general,” she said. “However there is always summer and spring break when teens can work.”
I am an employee at the infamous AMC River East Movie Theater downtown near Navy Pier.

In my personal opinion, students who work have somewhat of an advantage in being properly productive in school over those who don’t.

Since I have a first hand experience attending school everyday and afterwards reporting to work, I know it can be challenging at times.

But it’s not impossible. Besides, it’s easier to pay for things like activity fees, clothes, prom, pictures, lunch and many more important events.

Overall, I think students should seek employment to prepare themselves for the future work force and to maintain financial stability.

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