The Spring 2009 Issue of Residents' Journal is Now Online


The Spring 2009 issue of Residents’ Journal hit the streets with circulation crew distributing 40,000 copies of the paper to 250 locations in Chicago. Throughout the week of March 23, two vans with 6 circulation staff members distributed the latest issue of Residents’ Journal to various community centers, businesses, schools and religious institutions throughout the city.

As well as the usual distribution locations of the paper, circulation staff found new drop off points for the paper, so be sure to check your local café, diner or barber shop.
If you were unable to get grab a copy on the streets, the complete issue is now available online. Please click on the image above to view the Spring 2009 issue of Residents’ Journal.

Articles written in the Spring 2009 Issue by the students of the Urban Youth International Journalism Program can be found by: clicking here…

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