The Transformation of Jason Moy

by  Youth Reporter

Editor’s Note: The following story was written by a student in the Urban Youth International Journalism Program:

Jason Moya had the same expectations that all teens have for themselves: to look better, feel better and be popular.

“In freshman year, I was going through a teen life crisis,” said high school student Jason Moya, 16.

The physical transformation between his freshman year and today is astonishing, the result of an emotional battle that nearly consumed him. Being the youngest child of four brothers and sisters has always pushed Jason to stand out and be noticed. While glancing at his old ID picture from middle school, it’s astonishing to even compare the physical differences. He used to be overweight, with glasses, blemishes and a bad haircut, faking a smile that showcases everything but happiness.

“Back in freshman year, Jason used to have a fade,” said Slendy Bahena, a freshman classmate of Moya. “He used to act ghetto, until he started dating an emo girl and decided to change. After he broke up with her, he stuck with his new punk rocker look. His personality didn’t change though. I guess his transformation was an accident.”

Today your first impression of Jason is a well-dressed, slender, good-looking and outgoing person. No longer does he have glasses and blemishes. Rather, he sports a clear complexion with shiny black hair sprawled upon his face, resembling today’s modern rocker. He’s surrounded by friends and teachers that adore him as well as support him.

On the subject of being teased, he used to be called things like “annoying.” A lot of people have been teased, but not everyone has bounced back as triumphantly as Jason. He stuck out the painful roller coaster ride of freshman year and had a makeover in the process.

“I used to be a loser,” he said. “I was overweight and didn’t feel like I was good enough. I like my transformation, though. This is the first time where I’m happy to be me.”

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