This Ain’t That


Editor’s Note: The following article was written by a youth reporter who is a graduate of the Urban Youth International Journalism Program.

As everyone knows, “this ain’t that” is a slang term, but it can be used in both good and bad ways. In everyday life kids in the streets use it in the bad way. They walk around hollering, “This ain’t that shawty.” Their definition of “this ain’t that” is used to show that someone is better than someone else. They use it to discriminate against one another. On the other hand, some of the young adults (teenagers) and the adults have many meanings for the phrase. One of the meanings is that it shows the differences between the Ida B. Wells and Oakwood Shores.

“This ain’t that” show how we could have parties in the Ida B. Wells and everyone knows that can’t happen in Oakwood Shores. In the Ida B. Wells, you could hang on your porch and play your music loud, while you and your friends just dance and chill. Everyone knows that in Oakwood Shores you can’t even play your music loud as to where you can hear it outside, let alone hanging on the porch with your friends dancing. It is not going to happen. There used to be block parties and Father’s Day picnics in the Wells but since Oakwood Shores is a different development I wonder if they will do the same? After all, everyone know that Oakwood Shores is not and never will become the Ida B. Wells. The Ida B. Wells will truly be missed after they’ve finished tearing it down. So as for Oakwood Shores we will just have to get used to living in a new community. Oakwood Shores ain’t the Ida B. Wells.

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