U.S. Senate Candidate Joyce Washington


During the early days of her education, Joyce Washington said she had to struggle through purposely segregated schooling which strengthened her resolve to become more than what society expected of her.

Joyce Washington Photo by Jacqueline Thompson

First a nurse and later a health care administrator, Washington said her experience has made her skilled in the areas of medical consulting, research and creative management solutions to health care clients such as hospitals, ambulatory/outpatients centers and other related providers. Presently, she is the president and the CEO of Washington Group Healthcare Consulting of Chicago.

After deciding to run for office, Washington developed a concise list of issues that can be picked up at her campaign office headquarters at 1323 South State Street.

However, I asked the questions most likely to be of individual interest to the voters.

RJ: As a U.S. Senatorial candidate, what are your views on health care coverage through social security?

JW: It’s a huge issue. There are not enough voices in the Senate who know what it’s all about and there need to be a fight for better health care for not only seniors, but for families and children. It’s true politics are local and healthcare is too, but when legislatures affect the local arena, legislatures should never forget this is a people business.

RJ: What are your views on mental health and do you think that it ties in with the overwhelming instance of homelessness?

JW: I have read where over 40% of all veterans are experiencing homelessness. I am prepared to initiate a way to set our priorities straight and begin to solve problems for individuals. If I’m elected, I can be in a better position to carry more weight in helping to solve the mental health homeless issues.

RJ: What are your views on crime and violence?

JW: My views are that health care education supports crime prevention methods. I recognize that most crime is engineered by mental illness and lack of family inclusion.

(We) need to bring back family. Where people live in communities, where they care about each other, they are living well. Model areas should be supported and emulated.

However, if and when crime is punishable and the punishment is incarcerated, I believe in upholding the law to the fullest extent.

RJ: How is your campaign being financed?

JW: We are raising money through telephone calls and asking for donations.I’m also using my own money.

RJ: Who are some of your endorsers?

JW: Reverend Gerald Dew of Antioch Baptist Church, Reverend Stephen Thurston, Bishop Phillip Cousins of CGCI, the National Women Campaign Fund and the Black Nurses Association.”

For two weeks I tried to interview with Maria Pappas candidate for U.S Senate. Each time I spoke to someone at her office, they promised to return my calls.

They never did call. I hope the voters can understand she could not be reached.

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