Under Pressure: Students and Teachers on Stress


Editor’s Note: The following story was written by a student in the Urban Youth International Journalism Program:

Hey, have you ever thought life would be easy? Well it’s not. Even for young people, there is a lot of stress and pressure put on our shoulders.

As a student, it becomes hard to learn and focus because of all the things that occur in a classroom: fighting, loud talking, people talking to friends or even getting smart with the teacher. Add all these things up and they can really throw you off task.

Students and teachers at Austin Business Entrepreneurship Academy (ABEA) said they deal with stress and pressure in their daily lives but they also don’t let it get them down.

ABEA student Alexzondria Tiner said there are a lot of stress-inducing negative things that students deal with, but she would like to read about the positive things as well.

“Being a student here is great but there are a lot of stresses that accrue throughout the year, especially around prom time and finals,” she said. “It’s hard to keep track of all those things.”

“Teaching is not stressful. It’s a lot of fun and the kids I work with are great,” said Luther Bennett, who has been teaching at ABEA for a year. “I have worked at other schools and they don’t compare to ABEA.”

Bennett has taught at private day schools and elementary schools. Even though they might seem less stressful than a high school, he likes teaching at the high school the best.

Marcus Floyd, a math teacher at ABEA for one year, said he has a busy life going to school and teaching, but “I truly believe God would not put more on me than my shoulders can bear.

“I have learned over life that stress is all internal,” he added. “There is pressure with meeting deadlines and dates. But that is my thing, meaning I have to do a better job with time management.”

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