What people think about Little Village Lawndale High School?

by  , Youth Reporter

Some people from the community, at Pitrowski Park, and students, that we interviewed had some comments about the high school.

Before we got their comments we asked them, “How was the community like before Little Village North Lawndale High School was here?” These were their responses.

“When I was a kid the streets were filled with gangs, drugs, and violence,” said one resident.

Another one had this to say, “As long as I could remember these streets were never safe to walk on by yourself especially after dark.”

Our last resident said, “Every where you go you’d see something happening.”

This is what they said about the community before Little Village High School was here.

The students we interviewed were juniors and sophomores from Social Justice and Mas. Half of the students said, “To me the community is still the same before and during the school’s appearance.”

The other half said, “The community was a bad place before the school came.”
Now we asked the residents at the park, “How is the community now that Little Village High School is here?”

Their response, “Crime here has increased ever since that school was built, gangs, drugs, violence, and police patrols have increased since the school was here.”

Another one said, “Teenage pregnancy increased, we were better off without the school than we are now.”

Our last resident said, “I don’t know much about the school but I heard good things about it and I don’t know why because from what I see it isn’t that good.”

But Julio Reyes, Mas/sophomore said, “The community is better now than it was back then.” John Mayida, SOJO/junior said, “There are more African Americans living in Little Village and more Latinos living in North Lawndale now.”

[Pitrowski Park is just east of the school] Any high school you go to there will always be drama for better or worse.

After interviewing with the people from the park they had some suggestions on how to make the community and school a better place to be in.

Someone said, “We should get more police to patrol around here because there was one that was here in the park and everything was quiet until he left, then the madness started up again.”

Another one said, “We should create programs to get rid of and prevent violence from happening.”

Someone responded by saying, “In order to create this program we will need more funds to get it started.”
I think to stop the violence we will need to make a program and get some patrol cars around here but in order to get these things we will need to get some funds to start the program and pay for the protection or at least a neighborhood watch system to stay alert at any time.
The students’ suggestions were: “We should all get together and form a workshop,” said Walter Duran, Mas/Junior.

“I don’t think we can fix anything, we should just start a new school at a new location,” said Carmen Alvarez, SOJO/Junior.

“I think we should shut down the power plant and lower the bus charges, the CTAs,” said Mayida.
The school’s birth is very unusual but honorable. “On May 13th, 2001, fourteen community residents of Little Village neighborhood staged a nineteen day hunger strike demanding the construction of a new high school.

The high school had been promised, but was put on hold for monetary issues,” says the school’s website. Almost four years later, in fall 2005, the Little Village Lawndale High School campus opened its doors for 400 students.

“There are a number of parents, educators, community advocates and even students to thank for the hard work, continuous struggle and ongoing dedication to make this dream a reality. Our campus will work to honor the struggle it was born from.”
I think we should come together and stop the violence so those who sacrificed themselves will not be in vain. They have given us a gift and now we are taking it for granted, we must repay them.
Little Village North Lawndale High School has some great features, even though some people say that it’s a bad school LVNLHS has good things to offer.

The school is made up of four different schools, they are: Multicultural Arts H.S. (Mas), World Language H.S., Social Justice H.S. (SOJO), and Infinity: Math, Science, and Technology High School. Each school has different ways to help the community.

There are some places in the school in which everyone can use like the library, swimming pool, courtyards, auditorium, dance studio, child care center, the north and south gyms, health center, long distance learning labs, literacy center, and the basketball court.

“Thus, students get the advantage of a tight-knit school environment without sacrificing the advantages of a larger facility. Students from every school will participate in the same sports and after school activities,” says the website.
These students had this to say. “I like the school because of the teachers, especially the young ones,” said Alvarez.

“I like the school because its new and we get all the new things, books, computers, etc.,” said Mayida

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