What’s Love Got to Do With It?

by  , Youth Reporter from Ujima

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by a youth reporter who is a graduate of the Urban Youth International Journalism Program.

Being a teenager can be very stressful at times because you go through many struggles, such as making good grades and staying out of trouble.

Teenagers also encounter many new phases like going through adulthood or growing up.

On top of this, teens also explore romantic relationships. But how do these relationships affect teenagers—positively or negatively?

I feel as if love is a four-letter word with a lot of meaning. It expresses a deep feeling that anyone can feel at least once in life. Who gets affected most by love are teenagers the ages of 13-17.

In my opinion, they can be most affected by love at a young age because teenagers have no experience with love. When it’s their first love, it’s especially difficult for teenagers to adapt to these new experiences.

To begin with, teenagers are portrayed as being young adults who love to go out in the world and have fun. For example, many teenagers like to party and go skating, but when you get into a relationship, teenagers think otherwise.

“When you’re not in love with someone, you feel free like you have time for other things, but when you are in love you just want to be with that person.

You feel as if you’re sprung and you let go of all your plans just to be with him or her,” said Elexis Ollie, 15.

I totally agree with her because when teenagers are new to the game of love, they don’t know how to act right.

My personal experience with love was at the age of 14. My ex-boyfriend and I started out as friends then formed a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

As our relationship sparked, I was connected to him and him only. We always went out together, hung out at school, and even at each other’s homes.

Why we are not together now is because our relationship got the best of me. It was hard trying to focus in school when I saw him each period. We were always together so it got real boring, plus our connection faded and I wasn’t attracted to him any more.

After our relationship ended, I felt that some good came out of our relationship. I felt more free and I felt we were taking up too much of each other’s time. I feel in life that everything happens for a reason—maybe for the better!

In conclusion, I want teens to understand how love can be a good thing but also affect their personal lives.

My advice to all teenagers in the world is to think twice and learn from your mistakes.

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