When Will It End?


In the Bible, it states that the world will one day end in fire. With this prediction I concur. It will not be a forest fire, nor will it be a fire such as the one that Mrs. O’Leary’s cow started. Not even the fire that a bomb or any natural disaster can cause.

The fire of which I’m speaking of is GUN FIRE! So many of our young people are gone because of this fire. The average death in these past few years has not been from old age or any incurable disease. It is the simple destruction of our youth, our future in general.

I live in a low rent, high-rise public housing development. It’s bad enough to live there as it is without waking up to the sounds of shooting. Granted it’s not like this every day, which is marvelous. But when it starts, it seems to come without much warning. I do not stay in the house: I go outside, away from my development. It’s hard to go anywhere if they are shooting out there.

Now it has become so bad that I can’t even ride the bus to my grandmother’s house as I usually do because they’re shooting over there. Can’t go pick up my son from school without dodging bullets going and coming! At any given time, my life or my son’s could have ended. Just like that: poof. gone.

No one could have cared less. To them I am nothing, insignificant. All this for what? What are you gaining but a chance to get a nice, uncomfortable bed in the big house

The police can’t do anything to solve it. Hell, they can’t even compete with it. Glocks, sawed-off shotguns. What will the police use? Their looks? Just wearing that uniform will get you shot at.

Who will win this war? You? Me? The kids? The thugs? Who? No matter how many protest, no matter how many petitions are signed, there is nothing to be done.

Not everyone is working together. Some will start, then it’s soon forgotten again.

Where I live, taking away lives is a way of life. Everyone gets sad when a friend is killed. Whether the death was intentional or not, retaliation occurs. Nothing good ever comes out of this, just another couple of deaths and then they call for peace.

Innocent lives are at stake. These young men all grew up together, they all know each other but they are blinded by their gang affliction. This is sad.

These people act as if we are in Beirut. The wars that we fight overseas have nothing on the wars that are going on in our cities. We face these things every day. It’s in our backyards and there is nothing that any of us can do. It seems hopeless. There is really no escape for most.

The media only gets out a third of the story. There is so much that never gets reported and what does is often distorted. Never what really happened, just the story that they want to tell.

Once in a while, someone will end up hurt very badly. As soon as it hits the airways, here comes someone that will feel pity and try to save them. By this I mean, get them out of the area in which they live in. Take them some place that will make them feel safe again.

What about the rest of the people? What will become of them? You see, the solution is not simply to move them away – that only helps resolve the problems for that one person, not the community itself where the help is desperately needed.Everyone suffers when situations such as these arise. The mothers, fathers, the children. You can’t just help one without lending a hand to all.

That’s where the misery comes in. When one cries for help, it’s only a whisper. Yet when the masses shout, all will be heard, hopefully, instead of being pushed aside as we are. Passed over, forgotten about until yet another death.

When will it end?

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