Winners from the Resident Survey!


2 pic of Ethan Myra King and winners of survery-1″ src=”×1024.jpg” alt=”” width=”377″ height=”502″ /> Central Advisory Council President Myra King (center) congratulates Mable L. Carter (left) and Deborah Thigpen (right), winners of the random drawing for the 2012 Resident Survey. We The People Media Executive Director Ethan Michaeli stands in the background. Photo by Mary C. Piemonte.

The 2012 Resident Survey of Chicago public housing tenants conducted by We The People Media received an unprecedented response – more than 500 residents provided their opinions on a range of issues. Among other findings, residents strongly oppose term limits, a policy which is being tried by a small number of public housing agencies in other part of the country. Residents also showed strong opposition to expanded drug testing but were highly enthusiastic about initiatives that offer training and employment.

The Resident Survey was conducted both on-line and in print from May 7 through June 1. The Central Advisory Council commissioned the survey from We The People Media and Local Advisory Councils in Oakwood Shores, Cabrini-Green Row Houses, Dearborn Homes, Princeton Park, Altgeld Gardens, Lathrop Homes, Trumbull Park, Lowden Homes, Wentworth Gardens, ABLA Homes, West Haven Homes, Washington Park Homes, Scattered Sites and senior buildings throughout the South, West and North sides assisted with distribution and collection of the print version.

Check this space in coming days for the full results of the survey! The results will be shared with key actors shaping the public housing world – residents, elected officials, business leaders, philanthropies and academic institutions as well as media outlets. Resident leaders will use the results to represent their constituencies and inform their conversations with officials at the Chicago Housing Authority, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and other relevant entities.

Two randomly selected public housing residents who participated in the Resident Survey were selected to win prizes: Deborah Thigpen of the South Side and Mable L. Carter of the West Side attended the Tenant Services Committee meeting on August 8 at the Charles A. Hayes Family Investment Center, where they were presented with the prizes by Central Advisory Council Chairperson Myra King.

Central Advisory Council Chairperson Myra King (left) and Chicago Housing Authority CEO Charles Woodyard answer residents’ questions at an Aug. 8 Tenants Services Meeting at the Charles A. Hayes Family Investment Center. Photo by Mary C. Piemonte.

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