Youths Take Charge


Editor’s Note: The following article was written by a youth reporter who is a graduate of the Urban Youth International Journalism Program.

Piotrowski Park, on 31st Street in Little Village, is cool. On Oct. 28, there was a program for youth voters or for young people to get involved in voting. These are some people who helped to organize this: Denise Olivares, 17, Jose Vera, 17, and Paulina Camacho, 23.

Olivares said, “This program is to encourage youth to get involved in voting and get their votes. Also to get people to vote soon and keep the youth in mind. This program talks about the issues, issues that youth have or that are going around the community.’’ Then I asked her, “If you were old enough, who would you vote for and why?” She said, “I’d vote for Obama because his policies are more for the people and a positive change.”

Vera said, “The program is to get young people to register and to get their voices heard.” He is also involved in another program called VPC, which stands for Violence, Prevention, Community. The program takes part in the community by helping to solve some of its problems and fundraise. I asked him who would you vote for and he said, “Whichever candidate provides more promises, but Obama provides change.” I asked Camacho who would you vote for and she said, “I would vote for Obama because I agree with his policies and he pays attention to the needs of the country. It seems McCain wants to continue the years of oppression the U.S has been through, the war.”

The place was cool because there was break dancing and music. Some of the young people who were there were the ones break dancing and watching. The moves and the music went together. It looked like some old school moves and beats. The classics never die. They just get tweaked a little. Thanks to these self-starters, the young people can get their voices heard. Anyone can do it and everyone can do it. No one is silent and no one can be kept silent. Be the master, not the puppet.

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