Who Speaks for Public Housing Residents?


The Coalition to Protect Public Housing has been around for years. When it was first started in 1996, residents at Lathrop Homes, where I live, and other developments didn’t hear about it that much, except for maybe when there was a particularly interesting monthly meeting at First Congregational Church on Ashland Avenue and Washington Boulevard.

We also heard about the Coalition when it was around the Juneteenth Day rally. For their Juneteenth Day rallies, the Coalition would distribute fliers to the Local Advisory Councils and the management offices. Read more »

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Stop the Violence


Remembering Eric

During the earlier part of June, I was covering a court case related to the 1994 death of Eric Morse. The little boy’s mother, Toni Morse, filed suit through her attorney, Christopher Millet, on the CHA and two private companies for the death of her son on Oct. 13, 1994.

In the lawsuit, the Morse family attorneys charged the CHA and the companies responsible for Eric’s death because they failed to secure the vacant 14th floor apartment from where Eric was dropped by two other boys. Morse was seeking an unspecified amount of money.
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