Altgeld Gardens Report


Hey this is Ms. Fornizy again:

I have not forgotten anyone and I will be around for all good information. I promise.

Summer Fun

These are all the recent events at Altgeld Gardens:

We had a Christmas in July. All the kids were happy to have prizes, food and games. That event was sponsored by the Local Advisory Council (LAC).

We had another event – a carnival which was a real success. Also, block 17 had a second annual block party for all the kids. And now it being the end of the summer, all the kids are going back to school. They look so nice in all their uniforms.

I also want to send best wishes to a lovely person, Mrs. R. Garner, a young lady at heart at 98 years old and going on 99. Remember, we all love you.

The Altgeld Gardens Baseball Team is a success. They are playing other baseball teams all over the city and having a lot of fun. The coach, whose nickname is “Bird,” is doing a wonderful job.

Also, I have a men’s team that’s called Bruce’s Family and the games are coming out real. Also I’m trying to get something for the young ladies to do for the summer.

Summer Program

I have some good news: Sharon’s Summer Program is going strong at the YMCA. If you are interested, get in touch with me at (773) 535-5614. If your child is in school, please get a copy of the medical form and I will get back with you with an application. I’d like to thank the YMCA for letting the children participate.

They are having swimming trips every Friday and they go to the library, play basketball, football, baseball, soccer and go to the park. They also have nice free lunches. Mr. Sanders, we thank you.

A Poem

This is a poem for everyone:

Bloom where you are planted!!!!

As we try and fail and try again, we must discover that if we are to florish as creative beings, if we are to grow into wholeness, we must bloom wherever we are planted. We may not have perfect careers, homes or relationships. Few of us do. However, TODAY you’ve got another chance to re-create your circumstances and make them as perfect as it is to do with the resources you have get it right as you can make it what more could you desire?


The sympathy for this month goes out to the bereaved families in Altgeld Gardens. The three families are Delores Shappard’s, Mrs. Glay’s Wiseman’s (My aunt), and Daisey from Fornizy’s family.

May God bless all of you.

CHA Maintenance

The CHA maintenance workers are doing much better. They have been coming out on time and also the main office is improving. Thanks.

P.S. You don’t have to keep calling on the phone. They come right out.

Local Politics

The Local Advisory Council (LAC) is doing a wonderful job. Esther Wheeler, Gail Reed and all the representatives are very helpful.

Schools News

Mrs. Lyles, the schools community representative is a good, hard-working person. She really works for the children in this school. She takes the children to basketball games. She is a wonderful and understanding person. She’s very concerned about the children’s needs.

The children speak highly of her. She takes time to listen to their problems. She is a good person.

The Local School Council candidate forum at Altgeld turned out to be nice. It took place July 8. They will decide who is going to be on the LSC board at Aldridge School.

I attended some of Aldridge’s after-school programs. I was surprised to see all of the wonderful things that were going on there. It was very nice.

I was stuck in room 128. They had checkers, Nintendo and other games just for the kids to have something to do after school. Keep up the good work.


On Thursday, July 23, at 10 a.m., Altgeld Gardens held an event called the ALTGELD RIDE-A-THON. This event was presented by the CHA Police Department Police Activity League. The Ride-A-Thon departed at 11 a.m. and the participants returned at 3 p.m. Everyone loved it.

Starting Tuesday, July 28, the CHA Police Department will present the Altgeld Reading Club. This club meets every Tuesday and Thursday. We have field trips for children, which consist of trips to the DuSable museum, the Black Ensemble Theater, Chicago Art Institute and the Harold Washington Library.

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Altgeld Gardens News


A note from me: I hope everyone in all of CHA had Happy Holidays and also if I haven’t gotten to you; I’ll be around soon.

New Clinic

I would like to tell you about the new Clinic in Altgeld. We had a lovely small program. Gov. Jim Edgar cut the ribbon on Wednesday, Oct. 22, and this is how the program went: Read more »

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Altgeld Gardens News


Hey! New and old things have been happening at Altgeld Gardens-Murray Homes. They had an old time picnic at Carver Park. There was eating and drinking in the park, entertainment, seeing new and old friends and we spent the evening camping out.

Altgeld Gardens Parade

The Altgeld Gardens parade was great. When it first started, everyone got their chairs and found them a place to sit and got ready to watch the parade. They got the cheerleaders ready to do the cheers. When it started, the cheerleaders did some of their cheers, then some of them were dancing and flipping. People were just watching and talking about their children with pride. After the parade, everyone went to the park to eat, drink and let the kids play. They gave out prizes to the people and there were also rides for the children. The parade was fun and nice to watch. I can’t wait to see the parade next year. Read more »

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